Monday, December 19, 2016

This and That--Monday December 19, 2016

Today was a busy day as I had to mummy sit. Mum did not want to come to my house to make meatballs but I basically just went to her home and brought her here. Dad has to work at the clinic for five days in a row since all the younger doctors have booked time off for the Xmas holidays and only the geriatric doctor who has grown up kids must slave in their place. Dad is OK about it as he has an obsession with work that has translated into all his five kids being less than enamoured of working life and spending most of their lives in universities avoiding the real world.
I took mum to the Sobey's place before I brought her home as the Glenrose Hospital wants her to do 30 minutes of exercise and I figure pushing her stroller at Sobeys is the only exercise we can both do other than brave the malls which I won't do as I hate shopping at these primate centres of consumption.
We got to Sobeys. I bought the ground beef for mum and the ground down crumbs. I didn't know what else we needed so I filled up the vacuum with Xmas treats.
Once home, mum was sat by the fire with the perennial fruitcake. No one will eat fruitcake except mum and I. There may be a maternal recessive gene coding for fruitcake love and perhaps mum and I got two of these recessive genes and now bond excessively to any material with dried fruit in it.
Even though mum is a diabetic they found her underweight at the Glenrose (probably because she forgets to eat or eats very little) so I have been adding lots of fruitcake to the diet. No one approves of this dietary enrichment but I believe a bit of fruitcake preserves mental sanity. At least it does for me. When I have the blues, if a poem or music doesn't solve the trouble, fruitcake does.
Luckily there is no dearth of fruitcake at the Italian Bakery downtown and I will stock pile some for my family and for Jessica Ernst who I also love to death and who thankfully has inherited the double recessive gene set for fruitcake love.
Now where was I in the post? I have a lot of photos on my cell phone but I don't know how to put them up on the Facebook page. Most of them are of the Awards ceremony. It was fun there since I got to listen to music. Remember the CD I bought for $20? I am still on song 12.
The Book Of Love - Martin Kerr (Cover) Live at the Citadel Theatre
I listened to parts of the other songs on the CD but this was the only song I was attached to. It was worth $20.
The amaryllis has been trying to pop open the other two buds like a mother trying to birth twins to add to the two already born-- but has not succeeded. It feels as if there will be a balloon bursting or two when all four of the blooms come out of hiding.
I forgot to show mum the amaryllis which is upstairs. She can't go up the stairs so I will bring it down to her tomorrow when I mummy sit yet again.
As soon as I got mum through the fruitcake (which took a long time) I got the cheese toast to her (the only other thing I can make besides pasta sauce from a bottle) and gave her tea.
The period of time while eating was going on was so long that I had a small nap.
Then I got older boy to do the preliminary work up for the meatballs while I napped. What this means is that I actually did not see the beginnings of the meatball making and mum's chicken scratch recipe with indecipherable lettering leaves me confused.
Does she mean put the ground beef with the finely ground up onion and breadcrumbs plus a ground up potato (juice removed) part?
I will have to ask older boy. I know there was an egg added as older boy told me not to put another egg in.
I got up at the part where the meatballs were being made into balls.
Mum asked about a tray for the oven.
I told her the oven was dead.
She asked what we will use to bake the meatballs.
I told her about the toaster oven I had bought at a garage sale for cheap.
She wasn't impressed. She wanted to go home with her precious meatballs and cook them in a conventional oven.
I told her to trust me.
Much much later, the meatballs were cooked in two batches in the toaster oven. It's not an ideal way to oven cook meatballs as they almost became flambe meatballs but it works.
The family had meatballs without curry sauce as we had no curry ingredients.
I had to use pasta sauce from the bottle.
Mum had an omelette with cilantro and chilli and onion.
There was rice (Uncle Ben's-easy to cook rice).
And then I took her home.
Mum or dad might make the curry sauce for the rest of the meatballs.
Older boy has his second shrimp curry for tomorrow as grandpa got up early before the clinic started to slave away at the meal so his grandson would not starve. He can't understand why I can't cook and make for the boy but really it is impossible to keep the older boy fed for the most part as he has a hole somewhere and is never full.
When mum was dropped off I had to buy socks. All our socks have paint on it from painting the house and the rest have holes. It's OK for me to wear them as no one sees my feet but the boys are a bit more fine and want nice socks.
It is beginning to snow. Once the dusting of snow is laid down this will mean that there will be snow shovelling to do.
When I got mum to her place I was given doughnuts from Timmies. Sometimes mummy sitting is it's own reward and sometimes there are meatballs and doughnuts for the duty.
Videos featuring the music of Martin Kerr
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