Monday, December 12, 2016

This and That--Monday December 12, 2016

I got up very late. I went to do the snow shovelling. When I got to the parents' place mum was not ready for the trip out. I got her going and then found out on the way to the trip that she had not eaten lunch.
So I brought her home. I cannot cook so I boiled eggs and made her cheese toast (this was my staple meal at university and graduate school so I can't mess these up). She is before the fireplace eating these matters and drinking hot tea. I have given her a piece of illicit drugs (fruitcake from the Italian Bakery).
I am very sleepy. I am listening to my go to song now but will soon take mum out. We have to find her hair dresser to cut her hair. Mum doesn't know for sure where the stylist is so I will go about the southside searching. Then we will go to London Drugs to drop off prescriptions. I haven't yet got the prescription for the Methotrexate that we lost. I phoned Bonnie at Dr. Sholter's for a repeat. Then we will go to find mum a coat. She has conceived a dislike for the fake fur lined coat I got for her at the Eddie Bauer store at Southgate that cost me big bucks. In the process of buying her this coat, the information about my credit card got compromised. And now she won't wear the coat. Seriously family is very annoying.
But I have this song. Let me breathe before I head out.
The Book Of Love - Martin Kerr (Cover) Live at the Citadel Theatre

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