Friday, December 9, 2016

This and That --Friday December 9, 2016

I dropped off the USB stick with the voice recordings, photographs, pictures and link to the public presentations on Rebecca's case to my lawyer Allan Garber today. Then I went shopping. It's freezing outside. There seems no end in sight for the ice and snow. I didn't clean the walks except a brief brush at my parents' place. I didn't get Rebecca home so I will try again tomorrow. I bought some ground beef for tomorrow's supper. Younger boy had to eat a pizza which is sitting on his table.
Right now I have to finish the book "Carnival of Longing" by Kristjana Gunnars which is due back at the library. I feel very sleepy though and I might not make it through the book. I have made a strong cup of very sweet tea so that might wake me up.
What else did I do? I bought a sauce pan since I am getting rid of all the saucepans in the house with the coating business. I read on Facebook that the coating makes stuff toxic and I am already making meals toxic by burning them so I don't want to add to the business by adding Teflon toxicity.
Now that I can no longer buy anything at the big M after reading the horror story about their burgers, I am stuck making random things like sausages and mashed potatoes. Mum made me some meatball curry which is the only tasty thing we got to eat this week. But I got some frozen veggies which I will use to make shepherd's pie from a mix. A small batch for us and then a bit for Sue.
I sent off Jessica's second box. Thank goodness. It was feeling like the shoes you tie to a wedding car, rattling along and reminding me of all the things unfinished in my life.
There is a ton of other stuff I have to do soon in the house as older boy is home for Xmas. I will have to find his mattress stuck in the basement. I will have to clear an area for him to live in the bonus room. It's troubling that although the house was emptied of ten million books we still have more books somehow in the basement.
Tomorrow is Saturday. I have lost mum's prescription for Methotrexate. I have to get another prescription and take it in Monday to the pharmacy in Millwoods since I cannot get it from the London Drugs on 51 st Avenue. Tuesday is lab testing day for the parents. Then Wednesday I take mum to the Glenrose hospital as I want her drugs to be reviewed and her falls business assessed. She isn't falling anymore since she got both her hearing aids so may be it was due to that problem. It only took me ten years to get both her hearing aids.
Where was I in this post? I am very sleepy. Younger boy has his cold slices of pizza. I will go look at my strong tea soon which has been concentrating in a big mug downstairs. The library books I got from the library sit in their big mushrooming bags. I can't get through Jessica's book "Slick Water" by Andrew Nikiforuk today as I have to finish Kristjana Gunnars--another TAL Online book that must be read. And supper is whatever we can scrounge together.

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