Friday, December 30, 2016

This and That --Friday December 30, 2016

I took mum out today as dad was working at the clinic.
We first went to Sobeys to get mum moving. She did not want to get out of Helva but I made her do it. Usually what happens is that she tells me that she doesn't know how my poor husband manages with me and that she is not going to get out of the car. I wait in Helva until she realises that I have gone through this junk with two sons and am unmoved.
Then we go into the store. Mum buys her lemon poppy seed muffins (a staple) and the bread. I buy supper. I am only able to buy one meal at a time. This may change when the carbon tax makes it less efficient to buy minute amounts of food and requires that I think in terms of two or three days worth of food and shop once a week. Right now I shop almost every two days. Once we had got the stuff I take mum to the car. The entire process from the house to the Helva to the store to the Helva had taken about an hour. Then I take her home and park her before the fireplace with a cup of coffee and cheese/ crackers. We then move again after the break. Dealing with seniors especially seniors who do not want to move is very sluggish. I felt exhausted by the minor bit of shopping we did. I loaded mum into Helva with the walking cane, the walker and the purse. We go shopping for bags. I have already bought mum two purses for her upcoming trip. We bought two more bags. Then we had to come home in the dark. It was almost 7 pm when I got to the house. Dad had just got off work. I left mum with dad and told her that we will buy her coat this weekend maybe after older boy has decamped for his apprenticeship.
I don't know why my mother needs a new coat. I just got her the coat from Eddie Bauer at Southgate Mall that cost me major bucks. Then my personal information at the store was compromised as a bonus. I do not want to take her to Eddie Bauer again. I will take her to Sears at Southgate. She usually goes there and shops for clothes. In the end we may not buy anything. Mum is still thinking of 1970's prices and the shocking inflation she encounters makes it a difficult process to buy anything much less a new coat.
But we will go. Hopefully not tomorrow but if we have to we will do it. Older boy is out partying. Every day he has been out. Every day younger boy has been in. It's two extremes.
I will now read Tim Lilburn's book from the library. It is called "The Names". The last time I read one of his books I wrote to him to tell him I had no idea what the heck he was yapping about in his poems. I told him I obviously lack a classical education that is needed to decipher his works. I think this book might be a tad more approachable. I have sort of finished the book "Origami Dove" by Susan Musgrave which was a fairly middle class sort of book until I was half way through when drugs, rape and abuse were inserted like inserts into the genome of the book. It was heartless of the poet to do this. Why not simply put the real life poems in the front so I am not tricked?
In any case, I have a ton of poetry books. Helva is as dirty as a puppy that has romped through mud and needs a cleaning in a car washing place. Maybe tomorrow. It's dark outside. Inside the amaryllis bulb has two tightly clamped buds like two curious faces staring over the one flower that is open. There are also two other blooms that are wilting. It's very productive having an amaryllis bulb. It's like Zen state when I come into the writing room after shopping with mum. Its a total switch from consumer madness to plant cycle.
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