Saturday, December 31, 2016

surely I am worshipping

I have written ten thousand lines
and more
so that I might make real
what the soul is
and when I stand before the words
and bow down before the muse
surely I am worshipping
what is more real
than the body?

I have gone to the last posts
of the street of lost visions
and watched the forest burst into tears
the silver bullets of the olive trees
were fired  and the hard fruit of the oak
lay spent by these guns     these are all the troubles
I have carried    so as to make a poem
that might be rocked in the cradle of time
all the visions are smoke now 

darkness lays down the tarmac
of the street from      which the mist rises up
like flocks of pigeons unrolled
the empty field speaks in tongues
  and the marsh cuts its wrist of landscape 
bound in ice    so that the reeds might bleed out
their dark forms    ghosts live in the hampers
of dust that are placed in the graveyards
and severed souls walk the land in the picnic of summer
we are all delivered like flesh for the devouring
to the hidden cities of the  magnanimous minute villagers 

who claim our lives
the solitude of the writing is a way
to enter into that harvest
and be tamed    I haven't found the route yet
to the stories   nor have I learned departure calmly
but all about us the spirits traffic in their past lives
and the clover of the spring will emphasise
the way out of winter    all the maple tree will remember
will be the stalk of wood stabbed deep    and the red blood flowing in the street
meanwhile the lilies will preen in their ivory and green silks

a hard frost will crack life into two 
and the delivery of the babies will begin in that factory
the marsh will host the red winged blackbird chorus
a leaping will begin in the ice clamp of the water
and the tadpoles will darken the forest of dead willows
the silver tanks of the geese will move among the pale hardships
of the roses    where you might be is in these things
I wish for poetry but what I get   are the recovered memories of the soul

Martin Kerr - The Update (official music video)

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