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so that the dead will speak

December 13

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I have told the stories
and my heart has grown
but inside me I wonder why
we have to do this hard work
why the dead must speak

I have told the stories
and I have wondered why
the people are powerless
why we must work for decades
to ensure change happens    that could come any day

 I have told the stories
like a small child believing
that change might happen
that these dead will speak
but here is the ending of the story without change happening

I have told the stories
and wondered why
so many human rights defenders
must waste their lives
so that the dead will speak

I have told the stories
all the while looking longingly
at my sons wishing their lives for every child in Alberta
I have thought of the seniors in continuing care
and wondered where is the empathy?

I have told the stories
but in my room alone at night
I think about the flying hours
I think about Ruth and Velvet
and the tragedies    that forced them to speak

Abuse & Neglect Studies

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Nursing Home Maggots

The Ottawa police elder-abuse unit is investigating a nursing home after staff discovered maggots had infested a resident’s leg wound, landing the woman in hospital and horrifying her family. The discovery suggests flies laid eggs and larvae hatched in the sore before anyone noticed. It takes days for fly larvae to reach a full-grown stage, […]

End of Life Restrictions

Abuse of Laura Finlay

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society March 18, 2015 Via Facsimile (780) 415 8611 To the Protection For Persons In Care Act abuse line: Complaint against: Patrick McManus, Public Guardian Representative Office of the Public Guardian Reference: Client – Laura Guna Finlay- DOB February 23, 1922 Good Samaritan Wedman House, 10525 19 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB […]

Anne Fedorio dies in explosion at seniors’ home

Bethany Senior Citizens Home at 9920 83 Avenue.- 63 Unit Senior’s Housing Anna Fedorio, 83, died during an explosion and resulting fire on August 2nd, 2011. She is photographed below. The icon of the Blessed Mother with the white flowers was the only item that remained after the horrific bomb blast and fire. The fire […]

David Silver, 78 dies after discharge from hospital

A Winnipeg senior who died on his front walk after being discharged from the Grace Hospital, Winnipeg emergency room in minus 40 weather, wearing slippers, pyjama bottoms and a coat. David Silver, 78, died Dec. 31 after being dropped off by a cab at about 1:30 a.m. He’d just been discharged from the ER, diagnosed […]

Malfunctioning elevators at Covenant Health Edmonton

Covenant Health General Hospital Continuing Care Centre 11111 Jasper Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5K 0L4 (780) 342-8000 S.U.F.F.E.R. STANDING UP FOR FAIRNESS EVERYONE’S RESPONSIBILITY News Release: October 31, 2012 Malfunctioning, nonfunctioning elevators. Elevators at the Covenant Health Edmonton General Long Term Care Centre appear to be in general disrepair. Individuals have been trapped in malfunctioning […]

Abuse & Neglect at Covenant Health, Villa Caritas Geriatric Centre

The client has suffered total neglect and malpractice by professional staff. She is kept in a state of perpetual fear, fear of being disciplined, fear of being subjected to takedowns and fear of being subjected to forced (psychotropic) injections…

Lisa Goltman dies of injuries

Lisa Goltman dies of injuries sustained at Alberta Hospital Edmonton. To date, no criminal charges have been laid by Edmonton City Police. On March 27, 2013 this Edmonton woman was so severely injured at Alberta Hospital that she had to be sent to the emergency room of the University Hospital. The injuries were allegedly sustained […]

Takedowns at Covenant Health Villa Caritas

August 30, 2011 Minister of Health & Wellness, the Honorable Gene Zwozdesky Legislature Building, Edmonton, AB. Complaints Manager, College of Physicians and Surgeons 2700 Telus Plaza South, 10020 100th Street Edmonton, AB. T5J 0N3 Solicitor General & Minister of Public Security, the Honourable Mr, Frank Oberle Legislature Building, Edmonton, AB. Complaint re. Dr. K.L , […]

The case for electroshocking Mia

Most people imagine that electrically shocking people’s brains was long ago relegated to the dustbins of psychiatric history…

Repeatedly cold rooms at Villa Caritas

Again the heat in Room 2117, has been turned down. The resident determined that some other rooms had appropriate heat…

Willi Kneisler threatened, refused visiting access

We have been informed that you attended at the home of Mr. Willi Kneisler, 7803 15 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 @ 10:00 AM. The visit was not solicited by Mr. Kneisler…

Anne Dupuis: Stripped of rights, prescribed dangerous medication

Letter to Minister of Human Services Hand Delivered May 22, 2012 The Honourable Mr. Dave Hancock QC, Minister of Human Services, 224 Legislature Building, Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 2B6 Dear Mr. Minister: Without Notice, Mr. Dennis Dupuis of St. Paul, has been arbitrarily stripped of the guardianship of his 100 year old mother, Anne Dupuis. The […]

Shirley Hamilton: Office of Public Guardian confines Ontario Resident

Last month, Ms. Hamilton, on her own volition, called our office, appealing for help. She informed us, that she had first called a media outlet who referred her to us…

Scalding incident imprisonment sets precedent

A man is sentenced to four years for scalding an infant, setting a precedent for scaldings in seniors’ care homes.

Abuse & Neglect Studies

Senior evicted from Mountain View Seniors Housing

We ask your Office to investigate the cited eviction Order concerning the above named senior Albertan Ms. MJP…

Senior denied rights at Grey Nuns

Why did the evening nurse, who said she was an RN, inform me that Mr. Thomas had been admitted by EPS [Edmonton Police Service] because of a fall…

Willy Otto Kneisler disallowed visitors

I am disallowed to visit my son Willy Otto Kneisler at the Zetter Long Term Care Center. I allege this to be abuse…

Edmonton family outraged over neglect at General Hospital

An investigation has been launched by Covenant Health after the alleged neglect of a patient under the care of the Edmonton General Hospital…

Charges laid against Sharon Home over resident’s death

Private criminal charges have been laid against the Sharon Home in connection with the death of a resident last year. The Sharon Home has been accused of criminal negligence causing death and criminal negligence causing bodily harm in the death of 93-year-old Lilyan Peck on Oct. 19. Lawyer Harvey Berkal, whose father Rabbi Louis Berkal […]

Visitation, recreation refused at Villa Caritas

Please be advised that your staff have been isolating Ms. P, disallowing her to attend recreation activities.

Cold Rooms at Villa Caritas

On October 28, 2011, after we had made a number of complaints, the temperature was turned up to reasonable heat. Said Resident finally felt that she could take a shower which she did.

Unlawful Apprehension and Detainment

The following is an account of a senior’s terrifying ordeal at the hands of society’s advocates/ protectors/ professionals. It was physicians / psychiatrists, nurses, police, security staff, senior management staff who deliberately and with intent suspended the rights of N. S. and arbitrarily detained him.

Gloria Pickles: Human Rights Complaint at Villa Caritas

Alleging that since November 2009, until the present, these persons have totally and egregiously contravened the rights of Gloria Pickles…

Pair trying to stay together

A 93-year-old Edmonton Senior is begging Capital Care not to ship her dying husband across the city…

Unprovoked banning of visitor at Caritas Hospitals

I was sitting quietly with a dying man, Konstanty (Ken) Stankiewicz on the evening of the 24th of October (He died on the 26th). His 93 year old wife went home to sleep, she was exhausted…

Nursing Cuts at the Youville Nursing Home, St. Albert

Convenant Health is almost completely eliminating professional registered nurses from direct care positions at the Youville Nursing Home, St. Albert…

Trespass Notices & Restriction of Visitors

When Irene S. guardian and trustee of her mother, attended at the nursing home to visit her mother, the police were called. Two policemen arrived and asked her to leave. She had previously complained about the care her mother was receiving and was not aware that a “trespass notice” had been sent to her. Her […]

Mental Health Act apprehension

A Canadian citizen was apprehended by police on the behest of a family member and detained at the Royal Alexandra, only to be released after intervention from a lawyer. The senior was not served the apprehension document, in breach of the Mental Health Act. Only until he attended at the courthouse was he able to […]

Neglect at the Youville Home, St. Albert

My parents were residents at Youville Home St. Albert Alberta, commencing with B. in June 2001 followed by G. in May 2002. B. passed in October 2004 followed by G. in July 2007…

Abuse & Neglect Studies

Death of Betty Boyes

On Monday, June 15, 2009, we went to visit this lady at the Bethany Care Center @ 3:30 PM.
We were shocked to be told that she had deceased two days before, Saturday, June 13, 2009, three weeks after the photograph….Contains graphic images

Bed sores in nursing home patient lead to manslaughter conviction

In a case with major implications for U.S. nursing homes, the State of Hawaii recently convicted a nursing home operator of manslaughter after an elderly resident died of a massive infection caused by pressure sores. (Am. J. of Forensic Medicine and Pathology)…

Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre complaint

Disabled Elderly Denied Access to Mobility Aid

We have been informed that Ms. Weber was sent a letter (attached) stating that she was no longer able to park her scooter inside the building. Ms. Weber is disabled (since 1974, after a horse accident) and relies on the use of her scooter every day to get lunch, groceries, mail and socialize…

Attempted Eviction of Konstanty Stankiewicz

Konstanty (Ken) and Josephine Stankiewicz are upright, honorable persons who have done their best to be good Alberta citizens. He is now eighty seven years of age and she is ninety three years of age…

The Death of my Mother

My mom was 61 yrs old and had a rare form of dementia which affected her ability to do tasks. Her memory was great and she could carry on a conversation well…

Neglect at the Edith Cavell Care Centre

Enclosed you will find copies of the forms confirming incapacity and my subsequent guardianship of my parents, George and Anne Campbell. I am requesting copies of both their charts in their entirety…

Complaint to Protections for Persons In Care Rejected

Josephine Stankiewicz has been seriously dehydrated, had to be hospitalized, neglected, improper care, has not been bathed for some weeks…

Province Taking Knife to Long-term Care

A few nights ago, I discovered my 75-year-old father trying to eat his soup with a knife…

Institute for the Feeble Minded

I took my first drive down the meandering lanes of Alberta Hospital Edmonton on the dawn of a beautiful autumn day. The mighty specimen trees were in full leaf and just beginning to turn a rich confusion of colour…

Dangerous Drugs Continue to be Prescribed to Seniors: CBC report

Risperdal, Seroquel, Zyprexa & Clozaril Doctors are continuing to prescribe drugs dangerous to seniors in spite of government warnings, a CBC News investigation reveals. More than two years ago, CBC News first reported that more than a million seniors were prescribed atypical antipsychotics. Atypical antipsychotics are specific kinds of antipsychotic drugs. They are considered by […]

Sustained Elder Abuse Unidentified Violence and Neglect

Disturbing incidents and events that occurred during Mom’s stay at the Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre that were not addressed or dealt with in a fitting manner when family requested an explanation…Note: contains some graphic images

Neglect At the Wetaskiwin Long Term Care Center

I am writing to provide you with some information based on the sad experience I had with my father in long term care…

Behavior Management Agreement

The named resident of the Dr. James W. Hemstock Assisted Living Residence, Elaine English lives on the second floor and wandered into the first floor room of Mr. Frank Klein…

Injuries at St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital

This lady is under the care of the Office of the Public Trustee and Public Guardian… Note: Contains some graphic images

Abuse & Neglect Studies

Sustained Elder Abuse Unidentified Violence and Neglect

Disturbing incidents and events that occurred during Mom’s stay at the Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre that were not addressed or dealt with in a fitting manner when family requested an explanation…Note: contains some graphic images

Neglect At the Wetaskiwin Long Term Care Center

I am writing to provide you with some information based on the sad experience I had with my father in long term care…

Behavior Management Agreement

The named resident of the Dr. James W. Hemstock Assisted Living Residence, Elaine English lives on the second floor and wandered into the first floor room of Mr. Frank Klein…

Injuries at St. Joseph’s Auxiliary Hospital

This lady is under the care of the Office of the Public Trustee and Public Guardian… Note: Contains some graphic images

Deadly Scalding in Long Term Care Centre

It’s not easy to imagine Dianne Poff’s life. But the Saskatchewan woman’s death was especially unimaginable. In 1955, when she was nine months old, Ms. Poff contracted meningitis. She was never able to speak or move her limbs…

Kipnes (Veteran Center)

Family not informed of virulent MRSA – diagnosed Febrary, 2006… Note: Contains some graphic images

Failure to Provide Protective Legislation

For over thirty five years, your government has failed to provide protection to Alberta’s senior citizens…

Neglect At the Grandview Care Center

He entered the care facility on October 26/2005 after much agonizing on my mother’s part. He was a walking, talking (not always making sense, but making words), self-feeding for the most part, happy individual…

Inadequate Care and Untrained Staff

There were countless incidents at the Devonshire Care Centre, where I believe the “medical care” provided to my friend Rita Vallentien’s…

Abuse & Neglect Identified as Manslaughter

It is believed to be the first time in Canada that elder abuse has been declared an indirect cause of manslaughter…

Judge raises questions about Alberta girl's death in fatality inquiry

Samantha MartinVelvet Martin holds a photo of her daughter Samantha Martin outside the Courthouse in Edmonton, Alta., on Monday, January 17 2011. She has finally gotten an inquiry into the death of Samantha who died after being in foster care on December 3 2006. The Martins say the photo shows bruising on Samantha's face after she was returned to them from foster care.

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When 13-year-old Samantha Martin died, there were more questions than answers.
But a new report that says she died from natural causes brings recommendations from a judge to make sure tragedy isn’t repeated in Alberta.
A rare genetic disorder called Tetrasomy 18p left Samantha mentally and physically disabled, but her death after a life spent at a foster home touted as the answer for her grieving parents raised questions about deficiencies in the Children’s Services system. That’s according to Judge Marilena Carminati, the provincial court judge conducting the public fatality inquiry for Justice Minister Jonathan Denis.
Carminati found that while there was no link between numerous fractures, bruises and low growth and weight Samantha suffered, there wasn’t any link to her genetic condition either. Carminati said she didn’t find expert evidence that Samantha’s genetic condition caused her death.
But the judge also found Children’s Services didn’t connect the dots on Samantha’s health issues, even though complaints had been lodged by school officials. A social worker appeared to be “ill-informed” about the girl’s needs, she said.
There was a three-year gap between doctors visits in the girl’s medical history, and medical procedures recommended by a physician – including an EEG to check for seizures – were not followed up, Carminati said.
Her worker testified that although she was required to visit the girl every three months, over a two-year stretch she saw Samantha just three times.
Carminati’s report urges changes at Children’s Services.
The agency should ensure caseworkers who work with a foster child have accurate and up to date information from a reliable medical source about the child’s disability and the impact of that disability on the health, weight and fragility of the child.
“This needs to be well understood in order for the worker to make informed assessments about how the child is doing in care, especially in the case of a nonverbal child who cannot communicate concerns with the child’s worker,” Carminati wrote.
The agency’s policies should be enhanced to ensure children are actually receiving their annual medical checkups, including a diary system so the issue isn’t overlooked.
Once a recommendation is made from a school or some other reliable assessor, a doctor should examine the child and follow-up should by done by the agency, “including required entry by the Children’s Services child care worker or other support staff … into a diary system,” she wrote.
Caseworkers should have a “reasonable” case load so they have time to document and follow up on the child’s medical needs, Carminati found.
Human Services Minister Dave Hancock said lessons learned from the brief life of Samantha Martin have included a much stronger provincial support system for families with children with disabilities.
A quality review council and new structures in place for children with disabilities focus on communication where there may have once been failures to connect the dots, he said.
Hancock said he’s confident many problems with the system have been righted since Samantha’s death.

“We’re working more collaboratively than we did in the past, so the child is not on their own,” he said.

'More children are going to get hurt,' province warned on eve of review

Head of most recent child-in-care review says province needs to act rather than begin another study

Ann Sullivan · CBC NewsDecember 9, 2016
The death of four-year-old Serenty has sparked another review of Alberta's child intervention system. (supplied)
The man who led Alberta's last task force on children who die in provincial care says more kids are going to get hurt while the government conducts yet another review of the children-in-care system.
"It's pretty frustrating to hear that this is the exact same process that the previous Conservative government went through about two years ago," said Tim Richter who chaired the Alberta Child Implementation Oversight Committee in 2014.
"It's really about implementing the recommendations that have been made.
Tim Richter
Tim Richter led the most recent review of the children-in-care system in Alberta. (CBC)
"I'm just frustrated with the delay. More children are going to get hurt before the government takes the action necessary to keep them safe."
On Thursday, Human Services Minister Irfan Sabir, amid calls for his resignation, gave more details about an all-party panel that will review the child intervention system.
The panel has short term and longer term deadlines to report back with recommendations on how to improve the system, culminating in a report to be tabled in the legislature by the minister in the spring.
It will be the seventh review involving childrens' services in eight years.
The last six covered foster care, kinship care and a review of investigations and reporting of deaths and serious injuries.

Preventing similar incidents

Sabir announced the panel in the legislature while answering questions from Wildrose Leader Brian Jean about Serenity, a four-year-old Indigenous girl who died in kinship care two years ago.
"The premier has asked me to establish a committee that will include members from across the aisle that will look into this issue and will make sure there are enough safeguards in place that we can prevent similar incidents from happening," Sabir said.
Serenity was emaciated and badly bruised when she died from a brain injury. Medical records documented injuries that suggested the young girl had been sexually assaulted.
She died in 2014.
That same year then Conservative Human Services Minister, Manmeet Bhullar, asked Richter, to lead the deaths-in-care committee.
It came up with dozens of recommendations. Richter said the NDP, who were then in opposition, felt the committee hadn't gone far enough.
"Now we've had a controversy erupt and the [NDP] minister, the government, seems to be kicking the can down the road," he said.
Richter says rather than another panel, the government should implement recommendations made in previous reviews.
"We don't need to be going over this ground again" he said. "It's highly unlikely that a new panel is going to come up with anything that a dozen previous panels, or reviews or sets of recommendations haven't already come up with."
Richter says the first change the province should make is to have the office of the medical examiner review the death of every child who dies in care.

Seven reviews in eight years

  • Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention 2016
  • Implementation Oversight Committee 2014
  • Ministerial Roundtable: Investigations and Reporting of Deaths and Serious Injuries  2014
  • External Expert Panel following death of a child 2011
  • Child Intervention System Review  2010
  • Kinship Care Review  2009
  • Foster Care Review 2008

The Book Of Love - Martin Kerr (Cover) Live at the Citadel Theatre 


Velvet Martin 💝 I was blessed to be a recipient a previous year.

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December 5, 2016
Edmonton, December 1, 2016 − The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights invites the media to join them for their 10th Annual Human Rights Awards and the launch of Ignite Change 2017: A Global Gathering for Human Rights on December 11th, 2016, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM at the ATB Financial Arts Barn (10330 84 Ave NW).
Held in commemoration of International Human Rights Day, these awards are meant to recognize those in our community who are actively promoting, fulfilling, protecting or educating on human rights, and making our communities a place where all belong, are included and able to participate. Chief Commissioner Marie-Claude of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Mdm. Marie-Claude Landry, Ad.E. will be the event’s guest and keynote speaker.
Every year awards are given out to recipients, who are local human rights champions who are building Edmonton as a human rights city. This year however we will be awarding our first winner from outside of Edmonton in our efforts to recognize Albertans making an impact. This is followed by the Gerald L. Gall Award for an individual who has made an outstanding contribution and has demonstrated excellence in the protection and promotion of human rights in Canada.
Renée Laporte, a Human Rights Champion recipient in 2015, explains what the award means to her,  “When you are an advocate, you face stigma and discrimination. You feel the hate marginalized communities face, and that drives you to work harder to see them have their rights upheld.” She was recognised for her work of over a decade as an educational assistant, inclusion innovator and pioneer in fostering high risk young women.
This year’s awards recipients are
Robert P. Lee
              Gerald L. Gall Award 2016
Paula Kirman
              Human Rights Champion 2016
Ruth Adria
              Human Rights Champion 2016
Kristina De Guzman
              Human Rights Champion 2016
Roy Pogorzelski
              Human Rights Champion 2016
The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights envisions a world that manifests a culture of peace and human rights in which the dignity of every person is respected, valued and celebrated.  We work to advance a culture of peace and human rights through educational programs and activities, community collaboration and relationship building guided by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
For additional information, contact:
Tisha Raj
Project and Communications Coordinator
John Humphrey Centre for Peace & Human Rights
Contact: 780.235.2961 or

Our amazing human rights champions! Congratulations!!!

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Music magic from Martin Kerr.

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