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----Silence is complicit------------Who gives a damn about Serenity? -------Apparently not the folks at the GOA. It's all about cover your butt.

December 13

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The amount of soft platitudes we are forced to listen to from the GOA is unbearable.
We've heard these same scripts told to us by the PCs.
I guess the NDP have the same spin masters.
What is the truth?

The truth is that the GOA did not do it's job in taking care of Serenity.
The GOA did not do its job in terms of investigation of the kinship placement, it failed in the oversight of the kinship placement, it removed the boots on the floor of the mother who had complained of abuse and it discounted the abuse complaints of others in the community.

In my mind, all of this adds up to a huge mess which possibly might result in a lawsuit.
Whenever there is a liability problem it feels to me that the GOA tends to simply go silent, take forever to do an investigation (I mean give me a break--2 years for an autopsy report?) and then somehow goofs up in providing information to the required entities who should get information such as the RCMP and the Child and Youth Advocate's Office. Why even have a Child and Youth Advocate if the office can't get the information to pinpoint collapsed GOA values, performance and lack of transparency?

Citizens can't actually trust a GOA that is incapable of telling us the facts.  Why didn't the GOA reveal the situation of this child before it blew up in their faces?  Why didn't the GOA follow this case (and indeed all child death cases) from start to finish? Who does the review of these fatalities at the GOA? Who does the follow up to ensure that the required bodies such as the RCMP do get the information required? Or does the entire system operate in a hill billy fashion without the tracking of essential documentation? Why is there no document numbers put on these pieces of information so that they can be tracked? I mean even Puroloter can track our mail so why can't the GOA track essential information that has to be provided to folks like the  RCMP? Why the excuses for intolerable delays in autopsies?  What were the reasons (these extra investigations) that caused this autopsy report to be kept in the vault for two years?  It's ridiculous and citizens need to hold the GOA accountable not only for the death of Serenity which in my opinion was completely avoidable but also for the poor follow up work in her death investigation (if I can call this a death investigation since it seems more like a cover up process).

I am not impressed by this junk.
We have kids dying and abused for no damn reason.
There needs to be full tracking of abuse and deaths with some one in the GOA ensuring that the same damn adverse events don't repeat for no reason. The GOA is responsible for these deaths. We -the public--pay for the liability issues raised by the GOA's lack of performance.
When will the GOA accept that this ongoing liability issue of the abuse / fatalities of kids in care is entirely due to the incompetence of the workers who can't even determine abuse before it kills a child?
How much effort does it take a social worker to take a child to a doctor to find out that the child is severely underweight and then conduct an investigation upon review of the medical file?


Who gives a damn about Serenity?

Apparently not the folks at the GOA. It's all about cover your butt.



The Book Of Love - Martin Kerr (Cover) Live at the Citadel Theatre


Four-year-old Alberta girl dies and two years later it's still politics, turf protection and no one is held responsible

SerenitySerenity, in a photo taken in February 2014, seven months before her death. By then, her arms were already skeletal, and she had cuts and bruises on her face.
Serenity was a shy little girl with dark hair and big brown eyes who liked to play with her older siblings.

She didn't live on your street. She didn't live on my street. But her mother saw Serenity as the most beautiful angel.

After enduring a living hell, little Serenity died more than two years ago and what smacks us in the face, if we dare look, is the petty politics, the inexcusable inertia shown by the authorities.

And the absence of truth, if anyone in charge cares about such a thing as truth.

After all, they are taking their sweet time getting anywhere close to it.

No one has been charged in Serenity's death. It's two years before an autopsy report is done.

The provincial government's internal look at Serenity's death was only available to be read by the RCMP this week.

The Mounties had to ask the government for the report.

Irfan Sabir, the NDP government's point man for children's services, says this is all unfortunate.

You know where you can stick that unfortunate. Right next to your resignation letter.

Serenity's death.

We couldn't find out the reality of Serenity's suffering and death from those in power.

It came from information obtained by Postmedia scribe Paula Simons.

We had been told when she died, Serenity weighed 9 kilograms, less than 20 pounds at four years of age. The average weight of a one year old.

The number can be found in this fall's Child and Youth Advocate probe as Footnote No. 22.

But the probe was denied a copy of the autopsy report. Requests for information got the silent treatment.

Medical records obtained by Simons show Serenity suffered from a severe brain injury and weighed 18 pounds. She was bruised on her chest and back — sometimes green bruises, sometimes purple.

Serenity was bruised between her legs and her hymen was gone. She suffered severe hypothermia.

She had unusual bruising around her anus.

In the last 11 months of her short life no one checked on her. No one.

Serenity was born to First Nations parents. There were troubles in the home. She was put in foster care and then placed with relatives.

In Serenity's case, there was no thorough check done on the home and there were reports of problems — unexplained marks and bruises and scratches and malnutrition.

Serenity's mother visited her and said Serenity was left in the basement all night playing with a family pet, not given enough to eat and being hit.

Nothing was done, workers stopped checking and Serenity died.

In recent weeks, the opposition asked 17 sets of questions and got nowhere.

Sabir, the NDP politician in charge of system, says he's not there to assign blame. He sets up an all-party panel, with a majority of NDPers, to look at ways to improve the system.

This is the usual BS play when you've decided to throw out a crumb and hope it satisfies the critics.

But what of Serenity? Who stands up for her memory and her truth?

Who stands up for the vulnerable children, still living, kids just like Serenity?

Who is watching their backs, Premier Notley?

You know, in my experience, if there is one thing we could expect from an NDP government it is compassion.

There are social workers among the NDP members of the legislature. Surely they can push for the truth to be told, Serenity's truth. Surely they will be her voice.

Leela Aheer is a Wildrose member of the legislature and a mom. Leela asked questions in the legislature on Thursday.

A picture goes through her mind. It disturbs her.

"Imagine this little munchkin starving to death, tripping across the floor to try to get food and getting beaten for it. That's where my anger stems from."

Yes, the question doesn't go away, won't go away, no matter how many people turn the page.

If only one stands up the story will not die and others may join the chorus demanding justice.

Who gives a damn about Serenity?

She didn't die on your street. She didn't die on my street.

But we have a choice.

Or does this little girl, the most beautiful angel, become just another victim in another newspaper column, the subject of soon-forgotten words, the next day's lining for the birdcage?


Yet another child dead in Alberta. Business as usual at the GOA. We can expect another child dying and the public being left in the dark because of liability issues. It's like this. If families do the junk that goes on in foster care, they get charged. If the public parent fails its job, it gets to delay and hide and simply say no one is to blame.
It's not acceptable. These children have human rights. Their rights are being abused by the public guardian -the GOA. Where is the justice?It's in the grave folks. It's in the grave.

Serenity was a shy little girl with dark hair and big brown eyes who liked to play with her older siblings.She didn't live on your street. She didn't live on my street. But her…

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