Saturday, December 31, 2016

shearing sheep

Older boy is learning how to cut hair from a video on the Internet. He is getting refreshed so that he can cut younger boy's hair.
Every time he is here for a visit the older boy cuts younger boy's hair.
Older boy gets his hair cut at the barber but younger boy won't go.
So it is either hubby or older boy who do the slash and burn of that forest.
I don't touch the head of younger boy. I have enough problems taking a pair of scissors to my own hair. Right now my own hair is in a sort of surreal state as different sectors are of different lengths.
Younger boy is oblivious to the demands of fashion. He waits patiently for older boy to relearn shearing sheep. The end result will probably be a younger boy who is still indifferent to the whims of his peer group and who simply wears the head of hair that older boy decides is fashionable.
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