Thursday, December 15, 2016

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June Acorn
DEC 16, 2016 — WHAT'S ON? Enjoy some relaxing movies at the RAM this winter. View the schedule below. ENJOY the MUSEUM1

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Kate Rittner Werkman
Most excellent!
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Julie Ali ·
I note that the GOA is going to be spending billions of dollars on new infrastructure in Alberta.
This expenditure is directed at the infrastructure deficit as well to encourage job growth in the province which is now suffering from an over 8% unemployment rate.

However the costs for this stimulus program will be passed on to our kids. Why not reduce some of these costs by repurposing current buildings such as the RAM and the Michener Centre? Why doesn't the GOA do what ordinary Albertans do for the most part--reuse, renovate and repurpose their homes to be frugal and responsible users of money?

Instead of repurposing the RAM the GOA wants to demolish it. What a waste of our public buildings. I assume that the Michener Centre will also be on the chopping block next. The GOA needs to look at the ballooning debt and find new ways to use perfectly usable public properties.
Investing in infrastructure
As part of Alberta’s Jobs Plan, Budget 2016 continues the investment in modern, efficient infrastructure introduced in Budget 2015 to help stimulate the economy and keep people working.

There is funding for new projects, including new schools and school modernizations, continuing care beds, and affordable housing and transportation infrastructure, such as twinning the Peace River bridge.

In total the Capital Plan supports $34.8 billion in infrastructure projects over the next five years, including:

$9 billion in municipal infrastructure support over five years, including $6.1 billion under the Municipal Sustainability Initiative
$6.2 billion for capital maintenance and renewal, including $759.5 million for hospitals and health-care facilities
$4.6 billion for roads and bridges
$3.5 billion for health facilities and equipment, including $1.2 billion for the new Calgary Cancer Centre and $500 million for future priority investments in health projects across the province
$3.5 billion for schools, including $2.9 billion to complete the 200 new and modernization projects previously announced and $500 million for future projects
There is also $2.2 billion allocated for green infrastructure under the Climate Leadership Plan.
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