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one province wide school board in Alberta

one province wide school board in Alberta
It is ridiculous how much money we spend on the useless school boards in AB. Far more useful to have one province wide school board.Money would be freed up to pay for student needs and supports by getting rid of these bureaucrats and politicians who don't do much for us. It's also high time that the GOA reduced the number of school superintendents who get paid major bucks to do what? I would say sit in an office for big bucks and produce very little.

There needs to be change in terms of the school board system in Alberta. I have gone to the school board meetings at the Edmonton Public School Board and they are pretty much a waste of time. We don't need to have two school board streams as in the public school boards and the Catholic school boards.
We don't actually need all these minor politicians in training which seems to be what trustees are.
In fact, we don't even need the large number of school superintendents that are everywhere.

We are stuck with the major costs of educational bureaucrats who do not have deliverables.
The GOA should shake up the system.
And they should do it because it's not working and it's expensive.

What needs to be in place is accountability and transparency of the sort that only will be present with a single province wide school board that is pared down and elegant.
Will this happen?
The NDP aren't useful.
The PCs stuffed as many of the ABCs (agencies, boards and commissions) with their clones so we are probably going to see no change ever.

But at least in Saskatchewan there is a deficit that is spurring the government there to look at the costs.

Ed. minister wants feedback on how Sask. schools are governed

By Chris Carr/CKOM News Staff
December 22, 2016 - 7:08amUpdated: December 22, 2016 - 1:09pm
Ed. minister Don Morgan discussed options for school governance in Saskatchewan on Wednesday.
Ed. minister Don Morgan discussed options for school governance in Saskatchewan on Wednesday.Chris Carr/CKOM Staff
The province wants parents and teachers to think and give feedback on how Saskatchewan's schools are run.
A six-member panel was formed to consult the public on a study released Wednesday, Dec. 21, which considers three options for the future of Sask. education.
Called the 'Dan Perrins' K-12 governance options report,' is puts forth merging the province's 18 existing public boards of education, establishing four regional public boards to represent specific areas or create new boundaries. 
Don Morgan, the Minister of Education for Sask., said there are two issues with the proposals.
"One is the issue of finances and looking for efficiencies and dollar savings," he said. "The other is looking for the best possible method to ensure good educational outcomes for our students."
He declined to comment on specific options and said he'd rather leave discussions up to the panel.
Ultimately, he said the end result could mean fewer boards and different methods to select trustees, or no change at all. 
Residents will be able to submit their thoughts on the study and the future of education in the province through a submission form, available online until Jan. 23.
The findings of the panel will be presented in February.

Something that the GOA needs to do as well--"fewer boards and different methods to select trustees"


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