Monday, December 12, 2016

More This and That --Monday December 12, 2016

As usual the surreal experiences associated with taking mum out for a day of shopping continues. I had no idea she wanted to get her hair done although for many weeks in the past there had been faint mumble mumble about her hair.
God knows why she wants to configure her last remaining locks. I just take a pair of scissors and hack at the hair I have left. She is determined to look like an gentile English woman of the sort we left in England centuries ago and so today she told me after eating eggs and toast she had to absolutely have her locks attended to. I mean I don't know why. Most days we both look as if an airplane has blown by us as we go about. I got her to the Medicentre where she remembers a stylist and sure enough there was one there. Imagine that. And there was Shelley from the Millwoods place where I had to take older boy and pay absolutely large sums so that he would look as gorgeous as he believes himself to be.
Shelley said that one of the stylists could do my mom's few bits of hair left and I asked mum if she would have hair coloured for $50 (cheaper since she as so little hair). She said no and asked when the price of the cut had gone up to $21 plus. I guess they had increased the price a few months ago.
In any case I don't know any other place we could go to since as I mentioned before I am my own stylist with lamentable results. We waited forever until someone was free. Mum got to the chair and again I waited forever until the stylist was done clipping at the invisible hair on mum's head. She wanted "layers". Certainly I believe hair stylists must have great imaginations because this poor lady imagined layers out of very little hair. Then mum told me to look at her hair which looked pretty much like the way it had been when we got to the place. I said it needed more clipping since I could not see any work done. The stylist then clipped invisible bits off. She spent most of the time using a brush, styling gel and the hair dryer to blow mum's lack of hair into hair.
Then I paid. We then got to the Helva. Mum refused to put her hat on and I put the hat somewhere. I don't know where. In any case, we lost yet another hat. I have lost hats like a poplar tree loses leaves in the fall. One moment I have a leaf, I mean a hat; the next minute it vanishes.
I even have a bag in the car to contain hats. But they go.
So after the hat loss and the hair reconfiguration we go to London Drugs on 51st which is sort of the few places where mum is able to use her walker without tripping over things on the floor. We spend interminable hours looking at pads, liners and all the accoutrements of old age dripping. It was not a good or happy look into the future.
Then we had to look at shampoo, conditioners, fluffers and such like. We finished and then looked at bags that mum feels she needs. We also looked for coats but then this was at yet another store. I managed to get her out and told her the trip to the Bay would have to happen another day.
I am exhausted by the shopping.
Mum has been left to the devices of dad.
I still have to take both of them to do blood work tomorrow.
I wonder if other families have nannies for their old folks.

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