Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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While social media accounts have claimed that Maguire died in Kobane in October 2014, the document is the first suggestion that Khalib was also killed there, said Canadian terrorism expert Amarnath Amarasingam.

A newly-released document suggests Khadar Khalib died more than two years ago in Kobane, Syria

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Julie Ali

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Julie Ali This was a human being folks. I'm glad to see good Christian love for all is alive this Christmas.
Gord Schwindt To bad it didn't happen lone ago
Julie Ali Gord Schwindt I'm glad you have the spirit of compassion in you. Hope this never happens to one of your own.
Terry Greening So we are supposed to be sad that a person who CHOOSES to go fight with an organization with a record of savagery against ALL other groups, including fellow Muslims, is killed by his own poor choices? A little self Righteous, don't ya think?
Julie Ali Terry Greening No we are not supposed to be sad. But we don't need to descend to the same barbaric level of these folks do we? We can refrain from blood thirsty comments about the satisfaction we feel that the human being got what he deserved and perhaps focus on problems we can solve.
Jason Black Julie Ali What are you doing to solve problems other then telling people how they should speak and feel? people grieve differently, Julie. You have NO right or authority to tell people otherwise. You're nothing short of a self entitled brat looking for attention by being argumentive.
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Julie Ali Jason Black Actually I am working very hard to raise awareness of injustice and incompetence in Alberta. I'd suggest you do the same.
Pamela Jane McClelland What would you do if your standing there watching this guy behead your parents. Tell him he missed a spot. I have more compassion than you'll ever know but these guys earned my revulsion at the horrible acts of violence they commit
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Julie Ali Pamela Jane McClelland I don't think we need to speculate do we? He's dead. I feel sorry for him. It's not a failing on my part.
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Julie Ali Pamela Jane McClelland Agreed. We're all entitled to our feelings. I see a kid. A kid who may have been brain washed to do bad things. You see a man who has murdered for no reason. We are both entitled to our feelings.
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Julie Ali

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Julie Ali This sort of commentary is a good indication why we have wars ongoing.
Pamela Jane McClelland This so called human being murdered innocent women children and your concerned about Christian values. He would have happily put a bullet in your head.
Devin Brooks Or cut it off
Julie Ali While folks do stuff we can't agree with or condone do we have to express our own lack of feelings for others?
Julie Ali And if he does do this, do we need to put verbal bullets into his corpse?
Jason Black Julie Ali Wow Julie, you're something special.
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Pamela Jane McClelland Very Strange indeed
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Julie Ali Jason Black Thank you. You are so kind.
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Julie Ali Pamela Jane McClelland Folks do find me odd but very nice.
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Julie Ali

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Michelle Wilton Wayne West Score!! One for the good guys👍
Hannah Woods Good, one less.
Jason Clancy Tends to be half-wits and screw-ups joining ISIS >.
Yves Gagnon First is not Canadian he is just a reject from is own country that we took pity and that's how he repay us
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Dino San thank god. feed em to the pigs
Agatha Smykot Oh. I am so sad. Said no one ever.
Matt Boss What a pussy, he must weigh 80 lbs, big tough guy.
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Kyle Galbraith I've read that those fuckers like to recruit junkies and little guys because their easier to manipulate into their beliefs.
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Kyle Galbraith I've read that those fuckers like to recruit junkies and little guys because their easier to manipulate into their beliefs.
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Julie Ali

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Gary B. Warecki Should have killed two with one, Christmas special
James Matson no tear lost here, so what do you think know amber
Kirby Allen Hopefully shredded by shrapnel and died in pain.
George Sparrow isnt that just too bad! may he rot in hell!
Florin Carabat awwwww 
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Gord Schwindt Good for him , rest in un- un peas ed
Devin Brooks The battle we face

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