Monday, December 19, 2016

let me know how it goes

and if you arrive
at the door
where you stand

if you should go through
I can only encourage you
to keep going
be relentless and determined

and if you ask yourself
why bother?
I can only say
it's hard I know but there are discoveries

when you arrive at the door
be afraid if you must be
but keep going
and when you find yourself

in a new territory
of the soul    let me know how it goes
I am curious
I want to know

what are the discoveries
you make?
how will you learn all you can?
how will you enrich all of us?

here is the door
and the music you make
is a dull roar in your head
you can't get the poem out

but you open the door
you leap from safety
into discovery
you keep going
Mumford & Sons - Ditmas

Idil Kamlik

Europe Turkey

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