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Julie Ali · University of Alberta Wow this is pretty sad. Reading some of these comments makes me wonder if anyone reads the actual article. Alison Azer is not a bad mother. Nor is she creating a war zone for her kids. She simply wants them back. If Dr. Azer really wanted the best for his kids he should have simply stayed in Canada and worked things out with his wife. Instead he went out of the country on a court approved holiday and then broke the law by absconding with the kids to Iran. He may be the father of the kids but the requirement was to return the kids to their mother after the holiday and he simply ignored these legal requirements. The Canadian government has been remarkably lax about the entire case. Mr. Trudeau needs to get going and bring the Azer kids home. It is irrelevant whether the kids are adapting well to their new situation because they should not be in that situation in the first place. Dr. Azer, if you read these comments I ask that you consider the mother of your children and bring the children home to Canada. They are Canadian citizens. You had no right to unilaterally decide their futures. It's a shameful act of cowardice and disdain for the laws of Canada that you would do such an act. Your children deserve better. Like · Reply · Just now

of course
these are all matters of the heart
which will blow up anything

when you arrive here
and you think about
the Azer children

you grieve
and you wonder at the tenacity
of this mum

what is the matter with government?
why did they fail this mummy?
and how did the children lose Canadian citizenship?

it's not as if government was not informed
or that they did not know     the movements of the father
and so why aren't the kids back in Canada? home with their mummy?

what can we offer as the gifts of this season to her?
can we ask Mr. Trudeau to bring the children home?
can we say pretty please?
May 18, 2016 12:36 pm
Updated: May 18, 2016 2:21 pm

Man who abducted his 4 kids, brought them to Iran, says he was escaping ‘Canadian nightmare’

claudeBy Claude AdamsProducer Global News
Exclusive: Interview with Saren Azer, the father who illegally took his four children to the Middle East
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Saren Azer’s story is one that has blazed through social media in Canada for nine months—a bitter marriage breakdown, a fight over four young children, and finally, a dramatic abduction and flight to a Middle East war zone by a father who says he and his kids were escaping a “nightmare.”
Now, for the first time since fleeing Canada with the kids last August, the father —an international fugitive—has spoken publicly.
“We were surrounded, we were encircled, we were brutalized,” Dr. Saren Azer told Global News in an exclusive Skype interview from Iran.
”For others it might be just another case in a family court. What I saw my children go through was nothing less than a terror.”
Azer, an Iranian-born Kurd, came to Canada in 1994 as a political refugee. He married Alison Jeffrey in 2002 and they separated ten years later. What followed was a bitter fight over access to the four children, Sharvahn, 11, Rojevahn, 9, Dersim, 7 and Meitan, 3.
After a court-approved European holiday in August 2015, Azer put the children on a flight to Northern Iraq and broke off all contact with the mother. The father and children later slipped across the border into Iran, Azer’s homeland, and moved in with members of his family. (He would not tell Global News the name of the city.)
Now Azer is a hunted man, wanted by the RCMP and Interpol on abduction charges.
In an emotional Canada-wide campaign, Azer’s ex-wife, Alison Jeffrey, has pleaded with the Canadian government to do something to have the children returned.
WATCH: Alison Azer appeals to PM and to Canada for the return of her four kids
Thousands of supporters joined her on social media, many of them vilifying Azer in the strongest terms. “A disgusting human being,” was a typical posting.
Alison was dismissive of her ex-husband’s latest comments.
“What he’s doing is the desperate attempts of a man who’s been on the run for nine months. He is a wanted fugitive. He continues to cross borders illegally. And really his actions speaks to his desperation that he must be feeling knowing that authorities are circling in on him.”
Nine months passed before Saren Azer responded publicly to the storm his actions have generated. In the interview, he rejected Alison’s claim that the children were “traumatized and terrified” in their new life in a strange land, away from their mother and friends, where they couldn’t speak the language.
“They have never been as well as they are,” he said. “They are thriving, they are happy. Our daily life is filled with joy, all of them are healthy, they are well, they are thriving at school, they are learning languages, they are learning different cultures, different traditions, they are surrounded by their families and they are loved and they are adored.
“My children were in a war zone in Canada, they were in a psychological and mental war zone in that country and you could see how their fragile lives were being shattered in front of our eyes.”
Global News obtained copies of medical reports dated 2013 that point to some psychological and physical problems: delayed gross motor skills for one of the children; significant stress and anger in another; and “suicidal ideation” in a third.
In 2012, Azer says, his son Dersim, then only five, was interviewed by an RCMP officer about an allegation by Alison that Saren had disciplined the boy by tying him to a chair in the basement. No charges were laid.
“I remember the terror that my son went through. For weeks on end he would not separate from me. Is this what a father should do, stand by as their children are shattered in this process?”
In November, 2013, a social worker with the BC Ministry of Children and Family development said in a letter to Alison that “your children are in need of protection from your ex-husband . . . due to physical harm.”
The harm, the social worker said, included “being tied up, slapped and hit.”
But, three months later, the same ministry closed its file on Azer and confirmed he had completed a parenting program. Azer says the physical harm never happened.
Photos of kids with fugitive father offer hope
Alison says Azer, in his interview with Global News, was exaggerating the children’s emotional and physical issues.
“Not only were they not as serious, there were no disorders. The children were seen by a long list of healthcare professionals during the period of time that we spent reaching our joint custody agreement.
“I think that those papers are a matter of public record via the courts and in no way speak to the conditions or disorders that I think he’s finding it convenient to manufacture at this stage of game being an international fugitive.”
Saren Azer, a high-profile humanitarian doctor who once appeared in a video with former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, says he was overwrought by what he saw happening to his children.
“When I was working in the ICU, almost on a weekly basis I would resuscitate teenagers with suicide attempts. Almost without exception their story was the same–from families that were dominated by hatred, anger, family court proceedings. RCMP proceedings, ministry (of children and family development) proceedings, and I could see the trail that myself and my children were on wasn’t going to be any different. I could see how these fragile and beautiful lives are going to be shattered in this process.”
But to Alison, the abduction by their father will cause her children the most distress.
“Our children will suffer as a result of having been kidnapped. It’s nine months in and the sooner they’re rescued the better chance they have of returning to a healthy childhood state. And I need the Canadian government to act as quickly as they can. My children are in danger, they’re being abused, and they need to come home.”
The federal government has said it is treating the situation seriously. The Harper government ended diplomatic relations with Iran in 2012.
Azer had a lucrative medical practice on Vancouver Island and the reputation as a humanitarian who made frequent mercy missions to refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan. In a 2009 article Alison wrote for an Alberta publication, she said Azer worked in the spirit of celebrated doctors like Norman Bethune and Albert Schweitzer.
Azer and Alberta Liberal Party leader Dr. David Swann worked together on a number of human rights causes in Calgary over a period of 10 years.
B.C. woman says ex abducted 4 kids overseas
“(He was) absolutely selfless and sacrificial in many different ways,” Swann told Global News. “He’s put his own money and his own energy and his whole medical career on the line and gave everything he could, especially to the people of northern Iraq and the Kurdish community.”
But in the final analysis, Swann said, “I think he has violated not only the integrity of his family but international law” and that he should return the children to Canada.
The law notwithstanding, by the summer of 2015, Azer says it was a clear cut choice: his career, or his children.
“I had to decide. My options were to stay in Canada and have all that you mentioned–Canadian citizenship, well-paid physician, respected and all the rest–and the well-being of my children on the other hand, and I chose the well-being of my children.
“Yes, I have lost a lot. But at the same time I have gained more. I regained my children.”
He also extended an invitation for his ex-wife to join him in Iran.
“If Alison truly cares for these children . . . the door is open. I don’t think anybody could stop her from coming to Iran. She has many friends here. She could come here, she could see them. She could spend time with (the children), and she could see their lives. That I can definitely agree with and facilitate.”
“We are an ordinary family. Our important issues now are finding a car, looking after our cats, making our meals, cleaning our house. These are our issues . . . we couldn’t care less about that madness that goes on in Canada.”

Shauna Walter · 
Wow the misogyny on the comments is rather disgusting and scary, I can only hope the wanker men that are commenting are all old and about to die, if you losers are young I hope my daughter ends up gay! I would hate to think of any poor girl in the clutches of you morons, who think women are here to please you and put up with your garbage and dark ages thinking! The man ABDUCTED his children to hurt their mother, and any who make excuses and find this acceptable behaviour should never ever breed! As for the religious agenda that women have their place and the man is in charge, that is a man made ideal; if women were supposed to be mindless breeders and slaves to men; we wouldn't have been born with brains or the ability to learn, speak or feel! I absoluetly know there is no changing your fool minds but I will say that all of your mothers should be ashamed to have enforced these ridiculous, stupid and completely unrealistic ideals into your tiny little minds!
UnlikeReply11May 19, 2016 10:35am
Fondeh Ocheche
dont worry shauna, with that type of feminazi attitude. im sure your daughter will grow up to be an excellent lesbian anyway.... The vast majority of normal men are tired and deeply turned off by this feminazi rhetoric.... PC media not withstanding
LikeReply19May 19, 2016 11:18am
Shauna Walter · 
Fondeh Ocheche So I am a feminist nazi because I think that I and ALL women are good and worthy of decent love and respect? Please do western society a favour and go fight with the other idiots who think like you! Your mother did a bang up job on raising you!
LikeReply5May 19, 2016 11:51am
Christopher Elliott · 
Shauna Walter You do post in a sexist way....YOU START WITH MISOGYNY! You seam to miss the fact that there culture is not the same as yours. there genders powers or reversed. The husband in there culture has all the power and court sides with them, where as here woman have freedom power and win 85% of courts. Here the men are walked all over and do the dangerous jobs, men are killed at work and comit suicide at 9 times the rate of woman here! Over there woman rights are walked all over. Basicly here he would be wrong there she is wrong by the court systom. this means that no one in ...See More
LikeReply11May 19, 2016 1:11pm
Shauna Walter · 
Christopher Elliott I realize that this has to do with cultural differences, that does not make it right! If you want to speak towards religion and what some are brought up to believe, again that doesn't make it right; not to mention any god that created two genders of people, that need each other to survive; would not have wanted one to lord over the other! As far as Canadian courts, they are ALL about fathers rights in this day and do what they can to make sure the kids have equal time with both parents; unless one is unfit. I have seen fathers get custody as well as mothers but usually in t...See More
LikeReply2May 19, 2016 1:45pm
Fondeh Ocheche
Shauna Walter

Your a vile disgusting feminaZi because of your blatant anti-man rhetoric. Your just so full of yourself you cant see it. People like you, i have a strong suspicion are just mad at life because they were born really ugly and unattractive. Who turn to food to calm themselves and end up rabidly hating men cause they are sexist and only like good looking women. I pity you
LikeReplyMay 19, 2016 3:11pm
Shauna Walter · 
Fondeh Ocheche Hahahahahahahahaha, my god you are stupid aren't you! I am not fat, ugly or a man hater. Your picture on the other hand, shows me you are fat, ugly and your attitude tells that you are a hater of women! The fact that you see all those things because I think women are equal, speaks more about your failings as a human than mine!
UnlikeReply3May 19, 2016 3:18pm
Shauna Walter · 
Since the men replying to my post refuse to see or are lacking in intelligence, that my post was not sexist at all, I love good men, I know and have fabulous male friends, I am raising a boy to be a great man. I DO have a problem with the archaic and backwards comments from the men who posted their ridiculous women hating comments. My comment in no way is a reflection on the many great guys and fathers there are out there. But it just goes to show the mentality of these ones calling me fat and ugly; as if their words would have the power over me to do any damage. Karma is coming for those of you who think and act like this.
LikeReply2May 19, 2016 3:26pm
Manuel Moreira
Shauna Walter As long as your daughter has an empowering mother like you giving her strength I'm sure she'll do alright 

Keep standing up for women! 
UnlikeReply4May 19, 2016 7:05pm
Mario Zidane
Shauna Walter But you are a lesbian, aren't you?
LikeReplyMay 20, 2016 4:26am
Kai Chase
Fondeh Ocheche do yourself (and all men a favour) and quit posting your misogynist diatribe and making personal attacks against women. It isn't scoring any points for you OR YOUR GENDER!!!
LikeReply3May 20, 2016 8:30am
Russ McNeill · 
Shauna Walter Your posts is sexist, and you just refuse to accept that. You claim anyone who does not agree with you are mysoginists and uneducated. I am educated, and suffered for years in a terrible divorce, and I can assure you that our court system is biased in favor of women. I am the custodial parent, and have been since 2008. My daughter still lives with me, but my son moved back to his mother's two months ago because I scolded him for skipping school. He has only been to school about 4 days since, and I drove him one of those days.

Men can and are good fathers. Most men only want to be a part of their children's lives, yet many women deny them this, with support of our courts. Until shared parenting laws are passed, this will not change. And more women abscond with their children than men do by a long shot.

When 90% of all custody orders grant the mother custody of the children should be clear that our courts are biased. There have been a few women who claim we have 50/50 custody laws in Canada, but that clearly is not the truth, and is not supported by the custody orders being issued. It is impossible in a free and democratic society for 90% of custody orders being issued to women and not be biased.
LikeReply2May 20, 2016 6:48pm
Shauna Walter · 
Russ McNeill My post is not sexist at all, I was not referring to anyone other than the males making sexist/misogynistic comments on here and certainly not ever pertaining to all men; if you question it then please check out some of teh disgusting comments. I will say your statistics are flawed, I have been to court and had many friends who have been as well, there is a huge fathers rights movement and they try for 50% custody accross the board. Whether you had a bad judge or experience, I don't know, but the 90% custody hasn't happened for a long time. I appreciate good parents no matter maleor female and you seem to have your kids best interests at heart and teenagers will manipulate parents regardless of divorce or not. What I find truly sad, is that people who once loved each other and had children together, rip each other apart regarding the children. Very few seem to actually hold the children's best interests at heart and try to make unbiased and loving choices so that their kids can have the love of both father and mother as well as the extended families. This by no means is exclusively the product of women; men do these things as well. Who would deny their children love and care? It makes no sense to me that when the adult relationship does not work the first thing people want to do is hurt those they love. I myself was a product of divorce and my mother was bitter and angry and it had a big effect on me. I was accused of betraying her for wanting a relationship with my father; therefore, I would never make those mistakes with my own children. Really at this point I don't care how I come off looking, I am done with this conversation in general and those who hate/fear women and equality will not change their minds and will read whatever suits them, of my and anyone else's comments.
LikeReplyMay 24, 2016 11:58am
Russ McNeill · 
Shauna Walter I have 80 different court orders. I've studied law, and I volunteer with a non custodial parents group. I know the system is fundamentally flawed, and it is because of people with attitudes like yours that keep it flawed. You seem to think that the courts are there for the best interest of the children is wrong. The courts are about the best interest of the lawyers and mothers who keep denying fathers a right to parent. Men will move mountains to be a parent, and the courts and lawyers know this so that is why they support women who deny access to fathers, as it supports the fight, and therefore the money they earn from the fighting.
LikeReply1May 30, 2016 12:34pm
Terry Miller Ross · 
Shauna Walter Where do you get your stats from on 50/50 50% means equal custody no payments if both parents are making equal money and all expenses are equal. That is not happening, I know because I had to sign a document to make it happen, it is not fair to the men to call 50/50 every second weekend and 2 days a week. YOU don't have to have the laywers fight on anyone's behalf if you are not out to get the other person. A divorce can cost $700.00 with only one lawyer needed. There are a lot of hurt men out there beccause of the system nd they are angry at women as you are at men. Neither is a solution.
LikeReplyJul 1, 2016 12:10am
Julie Ali · 
Thank you Shauna for the brilliant reply.
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Julie Ali · 
Shauna Walter Useless to argue with some folks Shauna. Just use this quote:“Don’t try to win over the haters. You’re not the jackass whisperer.” Dr. Brené Brown
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Maurixio Garcia Sanchez · 
I think his wife changed from been a normal human and became too feminist,he didn't have no choice but to run away.
LikeReply12May 19, 2016 7:25am
Susanne Lantos
Let's pretend that "became too feminist" is even a thing. So you agree that if a woman "becomes too feminist" it is ok to rip her children from her side and cart them half-way around the world? Sure, if for some reason he didn't like her viewpoint any longer, separate/divorce - but these children belong to both parents, unless the courts find evidence of gross abuse.

If you decide one day to join the MRA, does that mean that your children can be ripped from your side and carted off to Iceland?
LikeReply7May 19, 2016 7:37am
Maurixio Garcia Sanchez · 
Susanne Lantos When a relationship change from been normal to unnormal it comes with consequences I feel sorry for the children but at this time the government can't do that much.
LikeReply1May 19, 2016 7:53am
Karen Rinas · 
So let me try to understand you. You're saying being "too feminist" is "unnormal"? Really? So a woman who stands up for herself is "unnormal"? I am so happy not to be in a relationship with you.
LikeReply4May 19, 2016 8:48am
Jim Bathie · 
Maurixio Garcia Sanchez You're right. The Canadian Government not only cannot do anything of great value, but they shouldn't even be asked to. This is a family court matter and nothing more.

And you assume the wife is completely wrong here, but I don't believe it's that black and white.
LikeReply2May 19, 2016 9:20am
Arash Sh
Susanne Lantos Became too feminist is definitely a thing! To the point that some of you feminazis don't even believe there could be domestic violence against men!
LikeReply2May 19, 2016 10:58am
Ismail MW · 
Jim Bathie If she wants child-support and spousal support and he can only see the children every second weekend, yeah, she's part of the problem.
LikeReply1May 19, 2016 5:17pm
Roger DesMoulins
All ideologies can be taken to evil excesses. All power is at risk of being. Hence it most definitely is the case that feminism can be taken too far.
Situations like this will continue until 50-50 custody becomes the default.

BTW, in my social circles, it is very well understood that a first world woman who marries a third world Muslim is asking for trouble. I have seen Kurdish young women complain about Kurdish men on YouTube (if I can trust the English subtitles).
LikeReplyMay 19, 2016 7:04pm
Kai Chase
Arash Sh oh please stop. You're really only displaying to all that you're a misogynist that has no clue what they're talking about. Throwing out the word "feminazi" immediately ensures that nobody takes you seriously and that your disdain for strong women clouds your judgement and views. So much so that you have to resort to calling them silly names.
I pray you have no daughters.
LikeReplyMay 20, 2016 9:01am
Rajeev Petigara · 
Susanne Lantos except that feminist is cancer and toxic
LikeReply1May 30, 2016 1:00am
Julie Ali · 
Arash Sh What the heck are you yapping about? We are human beings first. I don't think any woman would deny that there is violence against men but heck the violence seems to be more against women.
If men can't handle strong women then they should go find wimpy ones.
LikeReply2 mins
Julie Ali · 
Kai Chase If he does have daughters I hope they educate him in treating everyone more respectfully than he currently is.
Again, this is a time for all of us to take a breath and remember the words of the good doctor:“Don’t try to win over the haters. You’re not the jackass whisperer.” Dr. Brené Brown
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Julie Ali · 
Rajeev Petigara And men who can't use their brains hopefully will never meet women who will marry them and replicate their genes.
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Diana Switzer Lewis
if we can hunt down saddam hussein and get him WHY does this man keep getting away with these kids. Someone please turn this man in and free these children.
LikeReply2May 18, 2016 11:56pm
Jim Bathie · 
Is it your opinion that these 4 children, or the husband are on par with a tyrant who was responsible for murdering 10's of thousands of people?
LikeReply8May 19, 2016 9:13am
Arash Sh
Jim Bathie This woman is crazy! don't bother!
LikeReply4May 19, 2016 11:01am
Sarah Lester
Jim Bathie: She didn't say he was the equal of tyrants. You did.
She said we can hunt people down anywhere in the world if there is enough will to do so.
LikeReply1May 19, 2016 2:48pmEdited
Arash Sh
Sarah Lester nope! if you request the same resources and effort that was put to catch Saddam being put into catching someone who took their kid to another country then you are automatically equating them with Saddam!
LikeReply1May 19, 2016 4:44pm
Sarah Lester
Arash Sh: LOL! I see that your skill in understanding logic is about the same level as your intelligence. Zero.

Run along and play now, dear. All this "thinking" stuff is only going to confuse you. 
UnlikeReply1May 20, 2016 3:57am
Julie Ali · 
Sarah Lester What thinking?
I detected none.
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Julie Ali · 
Wow this is pretty sad. Reading some of these comments makes me wonder if anyone reads the actual article.

Alison Azer is not a bad mother. Nor is she creating a war zone for her kids. She simply wants them back.

If Dr. Azer really wanted the best for his kids he should have simply stayed in Canada and worked things out with his wife.

Instead he went out of the country on a court approved holiday and then broke the law by absconding with the kids to Iran. He may be the father of the kids but the requirement was to return the kids to their mother after the holiday and he simply ignored these legal requirements.

The Canadian government has been remarkably lax about the entire case. Mr. Trudeau needs to get going and bring the Azer kids home.

It is irrelevant whether the kids are adapting well to their new situation because they should not be in that situation in the first place.

Dr. Azer, if you read these comments I ask that you consider the mother of your children and bring the children home to Canada. They are Canadian citizens. You had no right to unilaterally decide their futures. It's a shameful act of cowardice and disdain for the laws of Canada that you would do such an act. Your children deserve better.
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Jay A Wind · 
I'd like to know both sides of the story, media is biased against one side currently...
LikeReply3Jul 6, 2016 9:19am
Julie Ali · 
I don't see any bias. The man abducted his kids. I think that is enough information for us to decide that he broke the law. It's pretty clear that not only did he break the law but he continues to do this all the while justifying his acts by convoluting the truth. His kids were not in a "war" zone in Canada. But certainly they are in a war zone now.

No matter what the relationship Dr. Azer had with his wife, he had no right to run off in this way and prevent his kids from being with their mum. Even when Alison went to see her kids he did not allow contact. What kind of man does this to the mother of his kids? The only war zone here is the one he has created out of his own actions.
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Gina Willman · 
A question, why did the father leave with the children int he first place? Was it becasue of abuse from the mother? It never said the reason for the taking of the children?
Jay A Wind · 
I'd like to know both sides of the story as well, there are two sides to every story... media is biased (and so is government in canada)
LikeReply2Jul 6, 2016 9:19am
Saba Hamed · 
I am very familiar with this case. I know the father and the children well. I have read all their divorce file, and few psychologist reports.The mother did not want to let him have his children in Canada. Right after she left home, she abducted the children to Alberta for 6 month without any consequences because she was a mother not a father. She brought false charges against the father over and over again and every time she did that the father had to go through a long, biased, and unfair process to prove his innocence. When she left home back in 2012 their youngest son was only few month old. At that age he was already trying to role around. Once she left she made false claims about the father having threatened to kill her and the children, as a result the father lost access to the children for about 6 month. The father went to court, and charges stayed as there was absolutely no evidence of any kind of abuse by the father. Once charges were stayed the father got permission to see the children. Once she finally brought the children back from Alberta to Comox due to a court order, he got to see the children after 6 month, and at that point he realized the disaster the children had been through. the youngest kid was developmentally delayed. People who had seen him then told me he was like a big piece of meat, not only he couldn't role around, sit or crawle, he couldn't even hold his head up. He wouldn't even cry much. This could only happen to a child due to pure negligence and that's what the mother had done. The other children were also unwell. One had suicidal ideations and the other one suffered from an eating disorder. These issues were all developed when they were taken away from their father and were solely in the care of their mother. The mother did not stop there, after the courts did not buy her original false claims, she brought more on. She claimed that the father had physically abused the children when they were too young to remember. she made those claims to the police and to the MCFD. Everytime she made those claims, at the begining she would seem believable so they would take her claim serious then after serious investigation they would drop it all as there was absolutely no evidence for her claims. She played a long game, she brought as many false claims as she could against him to any legal organization she could. the children and him went through hell for 3 years. Her other game was brainwashing the children. getting their love and attention by buying them expensive gifts and trying to turn them against their father by telling them that he used to physically abuse them when they were too young to remember. When the children were in Canada they were confused, they loved their father and could see how much he cares about them but they were also being fed lots of contradictory information about their father by their mother. At the end I think the father realized that as long as the mother is around the children can not have a normal, happy, and safe childhood. Now the children are in Iran. Finally they have had a chance to process things away from their mother's lies, and as a result they are not willing to be in contact with her. They have been asked to contact their mother if they wish and they have repeatedly refused. There are phones, and computers everywhere in Iran, don't you wonder how come they have not contacted their mom if they wanted to? the reason they have not is because they don't want to. Finally they have found peace away from her cruelty. the cruelty that she brought to their lives due to unfortunate, unsolved issues of her own childhood.
LikeReply1Aug 15, 2016 12:53am
Julie Ali · 
Saba Hamed No matter what the issues in the family, this man has broken the law. How do you explain the abduction of kids to another country in this manner? He needs to return the kids to Canada and pay for his behaviour which in my opinion is not acceptable. I also believe you should refrain from offering your opinions until a court of law decides the business.

With reference to the contact of kids with their mum, if the father doesn't let them have contact with the mum, it might explain the lack of contact. Alison Azer went to see her kids in person and was refused contact.

You seem to have your own agenda with reference to this case which is surprising.
LikeReply1Oct 14, 2016 9:51am
Savvy Djokovic
The media needs to STOP using the word "abducted" when children are willingly with their father... He has good reason to bring them to Iran to keep them away from counsellors, kids do NOT need counsellors the mother does
LikeReply4Jun 8, 2016 7:48am
Frank Wallgreen
Seriously, how can a father kidnapp his/her own kids, only in Canada is such thing used as a weapon against fathers
LikeReply3Jun 14, 2016 11:30pm
Lauren McArdle-Bailey
Because they were kidnapped, he had no right to take them beyond the agreed upon time frame. SHE has custody because she was determined to be the better parent.
UnlikeReply4Jun 21, 2016 10:45am
Frank Wallgreen
Lauren McArdle-Bailey They are HIS KIDS! She has custody in Canada, now, and the father has Custody in Iran. Children are property of the Father in Iran, and the kids are Iranian citizens since the father was Iranian. The father has custody because he has determined to be the better parent.
LikeReply5Jun 21, 2016 7:02pm
Savvy Djokovic
Lauren McArdle-Bailey the kids WILLINGLY went with their father, they were NOT kidnapped... clearly the mother is not the better parent, she is using the canadian system and having social workers and counsellours influence her side in the family court case. As the father said no kids should be put through this...
LikeReply2Jun 21, 2016 7:08pm
Tom Matty · 
Lauren McArdle-Bailey she's not the better parent. That's the usual sexist assumption that is the root issue in the Canadian family law system.

She's the selfish and narcissistic parent seeking to use the state as a weapon for her own agenda.

The Father saw the damage being done to the children in this Yates and did what a good Father would do, get them out of it.

He's invited the Mother to be in the kids lives, to visit whenever they want.

Which is much more than the Mother was willing to offer him had they remained in Canada.

What is popular isn't always what is right and what's right is often not popular.

He did what had to be done for the betterment of the children.

I admire and respect this man greatly because I had to accept a similar exile in another country to be with and protect my kids.

The Canadian system is anti man and anti Father. Everyone knows this but no one will do anything about it,
LikeReplyAug 13, 2016 5:16am
Saba Hamed · 
Lauren McArdle-Bailey no she had custody because she is a manipulative lier, and Canadian system always supports mothers, so don't fool yourself by thinking she is the better parent!
LikeReply1Aug 15, 2016 12:57am
Susanne Lantos
They went willingly with their father on the original trip... how willingly they went for the rest of the trip is up for debate. Let's stop thinking of children as "property" of ANY parent, shall we? These children are now caught not only in one-upmanship between mother and father but between two countries. What is best for teh children is seeing both parents in the vast majority of cases.
UnlikeReply2Aug 24, 2016 9:23pm
Susanne Lantos
Frank Wallgreen the father has custody because he kidnapped the children and fled the country, not because he was "determined to be the better parent". He was given permission to take them to Europe and then kidnapped them to the Middle East. In the Middle East, in Iran, the laws are different - he did NOT have to prove he was "the better parent".
LikeReply1Aug 24, 2016 9:25pm
Julie Ali · 
They did not go willingly with their dad. They were on a holiday. He abducted them.
LikeReplyOct 14, 2016 9:52am
Julie Ali · 
Saba Hamed Wow. You sure have a mild case of antipathy to this mum.
LikeReply12 mins

Thad P. Thudpucker · 
It could be that she was using the kids to get back at him for something or maybe for money. He ws probably right to get them out of the country to place where they could grow up to just be normal kids.
LikeReply6May 31, 2016 10:53pm
Frank Wallgreen
Absolutely, she got what she deserved, nobody cares if she is a mother, except for the Canadians of course, they would support her even if she was wrong, because she is a mother, ah well, Canadians got what they deserved
LikeReplyJun 14, 2016 11:32pm
Jay A Wind · 
after going through a divorce and seeing how much one side is given... its a very very biased system. When divorce sits around 45% or so, worry... that's like spending a bundle on lottery tickets expecting a good outcome... empires are built on people problems, esp divorce and domestic cases... huge money being made from justice, lawyers, etc.. huge money.
LikeReply1Jul 6, 2016 9:27am
Julie Ali · 
Frank Wallgreen Actually I support her because she was treated badly by her husband who had no business doing this junk.
If her husband had problems with the court's decisions I guess too bad. He had to abide by the court decisions and he didn't.
LikeReply10 mins

Ali AndIsrae Awada · 
he invited his wife to go see them. why wont she go? they are canadian citizens and the kids can come back to canada anytime when they are adults.
LikeReply5May 20, 2016 10:51am
Paul McDougall · 
Works at UA Local 488
Even if she was invited, she should not have to travel to a place where she could be in danger to see her kids.Taking the children was NOT his decision to make and he broke the law. He kidnapped the children because in Canada he would not have 100% control over their lives and his ego couldn't take that, the children were never in danger and they re Canadian citizens. Here he would have to abide by a custody agreement and respect his wifes opinions on how their children are raised, and his archaic way of thinking would never allow that. Anyone who condones what he did obviously hates women, Canada, or both!
LikeReply14May 20, 2016 3:22pmEdited
Kristiana Klause · 
There are many articles on this story where you would learn that she had travelled to Iran and the risks if she were to stay there. It's a very tragic but unfortunately has happened a few times.
UnlikeReply5May 21, 2016 8:49pm
Carol Rodd · 
Paul McDougall Sadly, the majority who live in Canada from the "diverse" groups, believe women are chattels. We are to blame for the spread of this culture, we blindly allow the anti western ideology to fester. Soon, we will be like Europe, we will systematically be de westernized and life will change.
LikeReply2May 23, 2016 11:23am
Tom O'Connor · 
As a woman, she has no rights in Iran. She is property, not a human being.
LikeReply1May 24, 2016 3:18pm
Savvy Djokovic
Paul McDougall why do u assume Iran is a dangerous place? Could it be all that american brainwashing over the years to think muslims are terrorists? Clearly you are an uncultured anglo, you are the worst type of person...
LikeReplyJun 8, 2016 7:52am
Saba Hamed · 
Kristiana Klause next time before making a comment educate yourself. She traveled to Kurdistan Iraq 2 times, she has never been to IRAN. YES, IraN and IraQ are 2 different countries!!!
LikeReplyAug 15, 2016 1:01am
Susanne Lantos
Are you seriously suggesting that it is OK to rip children from a custodial parent's side for 18 years? They can go "as adults"??? How about he man up and face the music in the country he CHOSE to have children in, instead of hiding behind diplomatic bullsh&t and endangering his children and their future, and alienating them from their mother. If he has such a strong case against her, come back to Canada and present it!
LikeReply1Aug 24, 2016 9:28pm
Julie Ali · 
She did go to see them. She got no contact.
LikeReplyOct 14, 2016 9:53am

Susanne Lantos
Trevor Steele Nope, anyone who takes children away from their custodial parent is a kidnapper in Canada. Woman or man. We have had both cases, and in both cases, it is considered kidnapping.
LikeReply7May 20, 2016 9:02am

Vilma Lozada de Jimenez · 
Sorry for my Iraq - Iran confusion. But the result will be the same: These children will not return to Canada (by legal means).
LikeReply2May 19, 2016 1:20pm
Ismail MW · 
And they shouldn't have to return to Canada at all. They say "NO, we don't want to go!" Their requests should be respected!
LikeReply9May 19, 2016 5:10pm
Debbie Lockhart · 
Ismail MW How do you know what "they say"?
UnlikeReply2Jul 5, 2016 11:48am
Julie Ali · 
Ismail MW Their original requests to go back to Canada would also need to be respected in this case. I imagine that when they were abducted they asked to go back to Canada? Who in their right mind would leave Canada to go to a war zone?

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