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Julie Ali Maybe spend some of this money to fight corruption in Canada

Justin Trudeau takes part in Global Compact luncheon at UN HQ in New York. Photo: PMO
Justin Trudeau takes part in Global Compact luncheon at UN HQ in New York. Photo: PMO

Canada announces $13.6 million to fight corruption in 12 countries

Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, announced on Friday, December 9, 2016, $13.6 million over four years to work with communities, civil society organizations, public institutions and businesses to combat corruption in the following 12 countries: Argentina, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mozambique, Nigeria, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela.
Implemented by Transparency International, the Integrity, Mobilization, Participation, Accountability, Anti-corruption and Transparency (IMPACT) project activities will include:
  • working with public institutions to develop and enforce better anti-corruption policies and practices;
  • educating citizens about their rights and how they can address corruption or pursue legal recourse;
  • empowering civil society organizations with the tools they need to identify corruption issues and advocate for transparent, inclusive and accountable governance; and
  • working with businesses to improve their standards and adopt ethical practices for a clean, productive economy.
On March 24, 2016, Bibeau told the Canadian Press that more aid spending would help Canada win UN Security Council seat when she said: “Canada needs to show the world it is a more generous aid donor if it wants to win a seat on the United Nations Security.
Canada’s foreign aid under Trudeau government
Country/ Organization
Financial Aid
Argentina, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mozambique, Nigeria, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela
$13.6 million
Fighting corruption
$8 million
Mountain gear, winter clothing, fighting ISIS, radicalization
$24 million
Development and security projects
$34.80 million
Education and rights of marginalized teenagers, modernizing Peru’s public service
$15.3 million
Safe Food for Growth (SAFEGRO)
$5.16 million
Empowerment of women and girls
African Union (AU)
$5 million
Empowerment of women and girls, good governance, renewable energy, intra-African trade
African countries
Addressing human rights compliance in criminal-justice measures against terrorism and violent extremism in seven selected African states: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania and Niger.
African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism
$19.1 million
Improving the technical and vocational education training system
$2.38 million
Immigration management, counterterrorism
$8 million
Humanitarian aid through Red Cross, other NGO partners and UN agencies
Help designing of a new biological laboratory and secure repository (biobank) of infectious diseases
Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB)
$125 million
Improving respond to food crises around the world
$12 million
Supporting the health and rights of women and girls
$2 million
humanitarian assistance funding in response to the impact of Hurricane Matthew
Caribbean countries
$4.58 million
Humanitarian assistance to the region affected by Hurricane Matthew
$40 million
Improving lives of women and girls
$465 million
Security and development support to Afghanistan until 2020
$8.1 million
Supporting the National Police of Ukraine
$700 million*
Technical and financial assistance to support Ukraine’s efforts to restore stability, improve security and implement democratic and economic reforms.
$21 million
Support for peace implementation
Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund, International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law
$2 million
Countering violent extremism
Lifeline Project
$1.5 million
Protecting human rights defenders
UNESCO and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Improving education about genocide
Sri Lanka – Equitas International Centre for Human Rights Education
Supporting a reconciliation effort after a civil war
$13.8 million
$25 million
Support over three years to enhance UN capacity in the area of conflict prevention, mediation and peacebuilding
Canada’s Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program
$2 million
Supporting two Global Counterterrorism Forum initiatives
$15 million
Funding projects tackling climate change
Border security project
Regional Strengthening Maritime Security project
$10 million
Building community resilience to food insecurity
$112.6 million
Funding four development projects, enabling the country to better protect and enhance the well-being of its youth in school, combat malnutrition and help grow its agricultural and mining sectors.
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
$20 million
Southeast Asia
$13 million
Supporting progressive trade in Southeast Asia
Sri Lanka
$20 million
Promoting inclusive and accountable governance, peaceful pluralism and respect for diversity, and human rights
$57.4 million
five initiatives that will support Colombia’s peace implementation efforts, protect the rights of children and youth affected by armed conflict and empower women as agents of peace..
United Nations humanitarian agencies, the International Committee of the Red Cross and non-governmental organizations
$331.5 million
Humanitarian assistance funding around the world
International projects announced at Women Deliver conference in Copenhagen, Denmark
$22.5 million
Projects related the health and rights of women and children
$19.9 million
Eradication of polio
Forum of Federations
$16.3 million
Supporting women’s empowerment in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region
Burma (Myanmar)
$44 million
Strengthening democratic development
$40 million
Two initiatives to fight polio by UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO)
United Nations Population Fund
$81.6 million
Integrated approach to women’s reproductive health and rights, including in South Sudan
African countries and Haiti
$112.8 million
Climate change, empower women
African countries
$12.5 million
Supporting democracy, peace and security, inclusion, and gender equality in Africa
$7.5 million
Education, humanitarian assistance and entrepreneurship projects in Madagascar
$54 million
Humanitarian and development projects
$25 million
Supporting Palestinian “refugees”
Global Fund
$804 million
Fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences
$22.6 million
Training African mathematical scientists to develop climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions
eace and Stabilization Operations Program
$450 million
Peacekeeping mission around the world
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
$17 million
Security and safety initiatives in East Asia
Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon
$1.6 billion
Including $840 million for humanitarian and stabilization efforts for the people of Iraq
United Nations humanitarian and development agencies
$274 million
Strengthening emergency response, ensuring child protection in humanitarian crises and building long-term resilience to food insecurity
$2.65 billion
Helping other countries to deal with climate change
International Assistance Envelope (IAE)
$256 million
Global Peace and Security Fund
$450 million
Initiatives to promote pluralism
International Police Peacekeeping and Peace Operations Program
$106.5 million
$30 million
Counter-Terrorism Capacity Building Program – in sub-Saharan Africa
Turkey, Jordan, Iraq
$75.4 million
Assisting countries hosting large numbers of Syrian refugees
$2 million
Immediate support after an earthquake
Note: Data is based on Global Affairs Canada’s official statements. Some of the commitments for foreign aid will be carried out over few years. (*) The federal government announced $700 million in funding to Ukraine, but it is unclear whether it’s a new commitment.

Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie,…

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