Sunday, December 18, 2016

Julie Ali All political parties are the same.


Barry Bojin Change Conservative to Liberal and you are good to go either way...
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Julie Ali All political parties are the same.
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Julie Ali
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Ivan Hawkes People in Canada have to look outside the box of either conservative or liberal as any form of so called leadership. BOTH are puppets of the Zionist agenda. Both are certainly guilty of manipulation of Canada's best interest toward a destructive path.
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Vince Nobile Yer crazy, Ivan. You know nothing about us Canucks. Don't use Jews as blame for whatever is wrong with Canada. In fact, Canada is great and better than you. So these Jews ARE probably BENEFITING CANADA.
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Julie Ali I don't think Ivan is crazy. It's problematic that all the political parties are the same. And certainly why are Jewish folks treated better than the Palestinian folks they are now abusing? It's not right. We should be as critical of Jewish abuse of folks as Arab abuse of the Jews.
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Julie Ali
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Gary Dale You need a voting system that actually respects your votes before you can talk about voting for someone else.
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Vince Nobile Gary. Don't you find it beneath you to be responding to trash talk coming the likes of Ivan Hawkes?
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Julie Ali Vince Nobile Why do you call Ivan's comments trash? If we live in a democracy, he has the right to say his comments without being denigrated. You should feel ashamed of yourself for putting folks down.
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