Saturday, December 31, 2016

I see the soul in flame

the small whisper
in the darkness
is to tell you

how to live your life
and if you silence that small voice
you won't ever become the soul

for the soul
is a made thing
a construct of decisions

and feelings
I trust in the work
that results in the paper line

I wish for the line
to string together
and make a name

but of the name 
what will last?
only the visible soul

and this is what I recognise
when I hear a song
I don't see the character

or the backbone
that holds the singer upright
nor the pretty caricature

of the myths
that are made to spread reputation
I see the soul in flame

the singer
can make
a contemplative space for you

where you can be encased
the song is the bubble
where you stand alone 

without shame
to say these words that are naked
the soul is the fire you light

in whatever way
you claim 
the singer is merely the burning soul

what remains
is the residues of his fire
of contact between the flame and you

this is all mysterious
but recognisable
requiring merely presence and feeling

I wish for music like this
of course it won't be the same
but of the same calibre of daring 

of the wicked vanished
and the heart seized in decisive taking
to leave only the burning soul

I won't wish for riches
or the palace of status and power
instead I will think of the divine

and in the singing
I will see the soul
that soul that is on fire   and I will dance in that funereal pyre

Martin Kerr - The Update (official music video)

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