Friday, December 30, 2016

I carve a notch on the belt of language

because poetry is a science
I search for laws
the way to figure out the universe
contained in a seed of sound
but there is nothing to guide me
other than the puzzling poems
of other poets
who seem to be on drugs
or at least suffering from terminal delusions

I read their poems
I shake my head
and I start the long process
every day of beginning
I carve a notch on the belt of language
it may take me the rest of the time I have left
to learn how to place a word
in space     how to carve the letters of that word
so that it stuns

in any case 
I have been reading the poems
of other poets
and without any sort of encouragement
I have attempted to be them
it's doubtful that any of this work
will translate into protein subunits
or that these subunits will magically
array themselves into conformations that enzyme forth

but I have to do what is required
to sustain the current passion
if you do this often enough
you know that the interest to learn
is a whip that hurts you
when you do not satisfy it
so here is the poem "Hummingbird"
by Tim Lilburn    let me hear the wings whip

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