Sunday, December 18, 2016

Graham Beam Hahahaha Like · Reply · 1 · 22 mins Julie Ali Julie Ali Ignorance is contagious.

Looking forward to the day! And I think the likeness will be remarkable!
Julie Ali
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Tricia Kindleman Deleting the comments of those who disagree with you is just as fascist as the lock her up comment...
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Arkane Works Every NDP SITE I have ever commented on , as nicely as can be , has deleted my posts and banned me
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Tricia Kindleman Arkane Works "every NDP site" is not a professional business. Based on the colourful posts on your BUSINESS page, I have a hard time believing any of your posts were all that nice.
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Julie Ali Arkane Works They have deleted my comments as well. If others slam you do you have to slam them? Premier Notley and PM Trudeau's Facebook pages do not allow me to comment but I still believe we can comment respectfully on our own Facebook pages. Why be like them?
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Arkane Works Tricia Kindleman they were way nicer than the NDP vitriol I have had to delete off of here.
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Julie Ali Arkane Works They have deleted all my comments off Ms. Notley's Facebook page. This is anti-democratic and tells the people of Alberta to evict them from the government at the next election. However we don't have to descend to their level. Justin Trudeau's Facebook page won't let me comment nor will some NDP sites or some Wildrose sites. Just because folks don't like to hear the truth doesn't mean we should smear them. Maybe you don't recognise the smearing but it is present. Also the comments here by the folks who love this junk is also uninspiring. You should all dissent respectfully or do y'all want to be primates?
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Julie Ali
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Leah McRorie
This post is disgusting. Are you a business? Wow! #Shameful 
Rachel Notley


Arkane Works But funny pics of Trump are ok?
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Tricia Kindleman he puts himself on a public stage. The woman in this photo, other than bearing a resemblance to our premier, did nothing to ask for this treatment. What if your wife, sister, mother or daughter was meme'd as some sick "joke"?
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Leah McRorie Arkane Works who said that? Don't redirect me with crap about the US. You are attacking our Premier in Canada. You are suppose to be a business, obviously not a very respectable one.
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Arkane Works Leah McRorie not an attack, just opinion about how much her stress from ruining Alberta will weigh on her looks.
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Julie Ali
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Julie Ali This is a disgusting statement of the poor mentality of folks who don't respect others. I believe you should apologise to the Premier. Although I do not agree with some of the policies of the NDP folks they are the elected government. We should treat our MLAs and Premier with respect and not with poor comments and appalling pictorial representations. I trust you will remove this garbage.
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Arkane Works As an apology to her, I bought her a brick in the wall of the new Rebel Media studio
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Julie Ali Arkane Works I don't know what this means. Maybe this means you are dissenting in a respectful way? I have no problems with you speaking your mind. I just believe we should not depict folks in ways that shame them. I think we should speak kindly about everyone even if they are messing up.
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Julie Ali
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Tom Wilson So what do you do when the government is reelcted, move?
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Arkane Works Close the business, put people out of work and move!
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Chad Ottenbreit Is that Rachel notley?
Chad Ottenbreit I'm pretty sure it is
Royal Lance Slade You assholes are unbelievable. I hope this bites you in the ass douchbag
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Chad Ottenbreit And how would that be? She's a disgrace
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Royal Lance Slade So are you.
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Chad Ottenbreit As are you! It's nice to agree on something for a change
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Julie Ali Chad Ottenbreit Just because you think she is a disgrace doesn't mean we should treat her disrespectfully. I mean we have had 44 years of junk bond government with the PCs and we can get through 4 years of incompetent NDP governance without being so disgusting.
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Julie Ali
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Jody Stark What is this supposed to mean? Are you suggesting that you or someone else is going to assault the premier? Or that she's promiscuous? Would you post something similar about a male premier you didn't like? I am curious.
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Arkane Works She is aging rapidly in her position as all leaders do, I see nothing about assault in this, or anything sexual. How do you get that from someone looking strung out?
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Julie Ali Arkane Works Well I guess you aren't a woman and you don't understand about stereotyping.
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Julie Ali
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Kristin Jones Disgusting on so many levels.
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Arkane Works Yes the NDP is!
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Kristin Jones No you are
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Julie Ali Arkane Works I have to agree with Kristin Jones. Just because you don't agree with the NDP policies you don't need to slam the Premier. Treating people with kindness and respect is the ethical thing to do. Posting this junk tells us something what your business stands for which is disrespect of others.
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Julie Ali
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Kathleen Smith Can't wait to see how the businesses you supply to react to this disgusting attack on the Premier. 

You can be certain every business you supply to is going to be made known of this page, and sent screenshots.
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Arkane Works Wow, you guys feelings are really hurt. And my clients ALL AGREE WITH MY DISLIKE OF THE NDP, SO have fun!
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Shannan Frey They might agree with your feelings for a particular party, but I'm willing to bet that many of them have women in their lives whom they respect. I'm sure that plenty of them will find your statement about treating women like trash disagreeable, tasteless and derogatory. Not a really fantastic way to promote your business.
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Julie Ali Arkane Works I don't particularly like the NDP folks at this point in time. But I do not like the way you are slamming them.
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Julie Ali This business may be hurting due to NDP policies but certainly the NDP folks have no control over the bust economy due to an oversupply of oil. Folks need a scrapegoat.
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Julie Ali
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Graham Beam Holy cow is this where babies go to whine. My God it looks just like here. Notley is poison.
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Chris Haas Break out the cheese lol
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Julie Ali Wow. You guys are just so fricking dumb.
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Julie Ali
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Graham Beam Hahahaha
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Julie Ali Ignorance is contagious.
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Julie Ali
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Dave Diesel Doubt it she will be living offa liftime pension payed for by us . Pos
Olav Wold She kinda looks like that already
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Karmen Thomsen Rachael Nutley before she was elected..

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