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---December 18, 2016: 493 DAYS MISSING.-----------Ask Mr. Trudeau to bring Alison Azer's kids home. It's about time.---------Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Azer in May and she said he told her he was “preoccupied” with her case and the file was on his desk.------

Only in Canada would two prime ministers-Mr. Harper and Mr. Trudeau sit on their rumps and allow abducted Canadian children to be stolen away without a whimper. It's a farce. Let's advertise the failed responsibilities of the two leading political parties to other mummies folks. Bring the Azer kids home Mr. Trudeau. It's your responsibility.

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Alison Azer has had to work hard for the sole purpose of getting her kids back from her husband. No one is helping her in government it seems.
This is unfortunate. I feel it is necessary for families to write to Mr. Trudeau and ask him to restore the children to her.
Why isn't Mr. Trudeau doing anything?
Well most government hires don't help citizens until they go public.
After you go public government will yap a bit about how it is doing it's best when in reality no one is bothering to do anything.
There were all those opportunities that Mr. Harper had to help Alison and he did nothing.
Now the Trudeau is going to do the Harper trick of ignoring Alison.

Only problem with this is that Alison Azer is not alone.
Families like my family support Alison and want the government to get her kids back to ther.
The only reason her kids aren't back with her is because she is powerless and can't do anything to get her kids back.
But many families working together aren't powerless.
We are an effective voting machine.
Let's all yap day and night to the Trudeau Team and tell them not to do a Harper.
We're tired of the delay.
Why aren't the kids home?
It's all about a lack of political balls.

We've seen this junk with the NDP folks in Alberta and the case of Serenity.
We've seen this junk with the PC folks in Alberta and the case of almost 800 kids dead in the child welfare system that they covered up for.
We've seen this junk with the Harper crew and Alison Azer.
Now we're seeing this junk with the Trudeau and Alison Azer.

We don't have to accept this junk.
We don't have to accept the failures of government.
We can dissent.
And we can spread the bad news of no representation and help by Team Trudeau on social media.
Let's get going folks and kick Liberal Party rump.

Ask Mr. Trudeau to bring Alison Azer's kids home.
It's about time.

August 6, 2016 11:20 am
Updated: August 7, 2016 9:01 am

Alison Azer: Government inaction led to dismissal of charges against children’s dad

Alison Azer and her supporters rallied outside the Vancouver Art Gallery in May , calling on the federal government to help return her young children who were abducted by her estranged husband 9 months ago.
Alison Azer and her supporters rallied outside the Vancouver Art Gallery in May , calling on the federal government to help return her young children who were abducted by her estranged husband 9 months ago.
Global News
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Alison Azer says the Canadian government’s inaction in the case to find her abducted kids has led to the dismissal of charges against her husband.
The British Columbia woman’s four children were taken to Iran by their father, Saren, one year ago.
“This is political interference of the most nefarious kind,” Alison Azer told Global News by phone Saturday, calling Canada’s lack of action, “negligent.”

Saren was reportedly arrested by Iranian officials on June 12 in the province of West Azerbaijan but the charges have since been dropped, Azer says.
The charges were based on an Interpol Red Notice Alert, which charged him of “Abduction in Contravention of Custody Order.”
Azer says her lawyer in Iran told her the charges were dropped because no one from the Government of Canada contacted Iranian officials.
She then shared the information with Global Affairs on July 29 but it was “the first they’d heard of it.”
“They were not following the case in any diligent, professional way,” she said.
Azer had previously alleged that attempts by RCMP officers to contact Iranian officials were blocked by Global Affairs.
As of this writing, Global Affairs hasn’t responded questions on the matter.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Azer in May and she said he told her he was “preoccupied” with her case and the file was on his desk.
WATCH: Trudeau ‘closely engaged’ in bringing Azer children home
But Azer says that words aren’t enough.
“I have seen the dark underbelly of this government,” she said. “…Senior government officials and beyond are blocking RCMP from honouring international protocol with agreements for INTERPOL.”
NDP MP Gord Johns, who serves Alison’s riding, said he is “deeply concerned” in the release.
“I’m deeply concerned about the apparent inaction by the government of Canada with regard to the arrest of Saren Azer in Iran. Our only concern is to see the safe return of the four Canadian Azer children. Canada has not acted when they should be acting,” he wrote.
Saren, an Iranian-born Kurd who came to Canada in 1994, spoke to Global News in May saying he fled Canada after a bitter marriage breakdown because his kids were subjected to “terror.”
“We were surrounded, we were encircled, we were brutalized,” Saren told Global News in an exclusive Skype interview from Iran.
“For others it might be just another case in a family court. What I saw my children go through was nothing less than a terror.”
Despite the setbacks, Azer says she is more determined than ever to get her kids back.
“I will carry on, I won’t give up,” she said. “My duty now is to let Canadians know.”
A petition online calling for Trudeau’s help has over 14,000 signatures, according to the foundation.
*With files from Monique Muise     

About the Kids

Please click here or scroll to the bottom of the page for more photos.
Sharvahn InterpolSHARVAHN AZER
Full name: Sharvahn Delahn Mahmudi-Azer
Gender: Female  /  Age: 11 years old
Height: 1.52 m  /  Weight: 41 kg
Sharvahn is my caring, charismatic daughter who has a fantastic sense of humour. She loves spending time with friends, listening to music, and riding her bike. She loves crafts – painting, drawing, and beading. Sharvahn was really looking forward to starting Grade 6 this fall and already had her ‘first day of school’ outfit chosen by her August 3rd birthday. She is so much fun to be with. I miss her so much.
Rojevahn InterpolROJEVAHN AZER
Full name: Rojevahn Beritan Mahmudi-Azer
Gender: Female  /  Age: 9 years old
Height: 1.37 m /  Weight: 39 kg
Rojevahn – nicknamed Roje – is a sweet, insightful daughter and a loyal friend. She loves playing Barbies and just got an American Girl doll from her grandparents for her birthday. Roje always tries to see the good in people and inspires people to do the right thing. She has a beautiful singing voice and often uses it to sing Meitan to sleep. I love talking with Roje – she has such a fascinating way of seeing the world – and I can’t wait until we can do that again.
Dersim InterpolDERSIM AZER
Full name: Dersim Baran Mahmudi-Azer
Gender: Male  /  Age: 7 years old
Height: 1.21 m  /  Weight: 27 kg
Dersim is my deep thinking, soft hearted son. A year ago he started calling me ‘Muffin’ and told me to call him ‘Puffago’. I thought it was just between us until his best friend at school started calling me Miss Muffin! Dersim loves all things LEGO – the bigger the set the better. He makes fabulous structures but sometimes forgets to put them out of Meitan’s reach. The last night we spent together, Dersim told his siblings and me how proud he was to be in our family. I love his big brain and big heart!
Meitan InterpolMEITAN AZER
Full name: Meitan Serbast Mahmudi-Azer
Gender: Male  /  Age: 3 years old
Height: 1.06 m  /  Weight: 20 kg
Meitan turned three in June and though he thinks he’s ready to take on the world, he’s still my baby boy. The last time I spoke with him on the phone we played this game where we kept saying ‘I love youuuuuuu’ to each other and then we would start laughing. He loves Spiderman and Paw Patrol and trying to keep up with his older brother. Meitan is crazy about his grandparents and loves being in his Gran’s garden and Papa’s ‘boy cave.’ Our hearts are yearning to see him again.

Click photos to enlarge and view captions.

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