Saturday, December 10, 2016

CBC News 8 hrs · Given the concerns over prices, it's been hard to get all the provinces on the same level.
CBC News
8 hrs
Given the concerns over prices, it's been hard to get all the provinces on the same level.
The first ministers meeting on climate change hit a potentially fatal roadblock Friday evening as B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba signalled they weren't willing to sign…
Julie Ali
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Stuart Mills I am on board with climate change but this seems overkill. Mans influence seems insignificant. A Volcano eruption puts out more CO than we can save in decades. Let us STOP using "fear tactics" to justify taxes
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Gary Lucas The residents of Alberta are also highly opposed to the Carbon Tax, Notley does not represent the true views of Alberta, she is on a mission to steal money from the taxpayers and destroy small business.
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Edwin Martell Great premier with avision .
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Sharon Gabel Just like Wynne in Ontario, the 2 of them are on the same mission, destroying everything in their path
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Femma Van As One thing she is doing right!!!!
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Aaron Heather 50$ per tonne on coking coal starting Jan 1 2017, coking coal is a key ingredient in making steel, and by 2022 it will be around 180$ per tonne. How much will steel cost then? It will push business out of our country.
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Isaac Hunt "Great premier with avision ." - Like it matters to you, Martell, as you're an unemployed and unemployable parasite who's living off the public teat.
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Lorne Harvey Femma Van As ah the hard leap left radicals who love taxes
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Tom Dodson Excellent point Aaron Heather
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Gary Lucas Aaron Heather There is virtually no steel produced in Canada now, Cape Breton scraped their mill decades ago, Hamilton is nearly a ghost town in terms of steel production, all the steel used to build the massive oil sands plants is imported from Texas, Korea, Spain and China.
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Aaron Heather So where do they get the raw minerals to produce steel?
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Julie Ali I think Ms. Notley is signing on to the Trudeau plan so that the Trudeau will sign on to the pipelines. It's a trade so to speak between a provincial premier and the federal leader but the voters are left out of this agreement.
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Julie Ali Edwin Martell Actually she is not a great premier. She is certainly in charge of a more canny group of politically strategic folks than the PCs but she is no great shakes as a leader. No sort of political will to alter the messes with reference to the most vulnerable citizens such as the children in the child welfare system or the seniors/handicapped folks in continuing care. We don't see the NDPCs living their values. We do see political and bureaucratic expediency decisions to ensure they have the best chance to form the government in the next provincial election but sorry to say it won't happen. We're going Wildrosie.
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Julie Ali
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