Sunday, December 11, 2016

and speak oh yes speak as these heroes and heroines

I tell the stories
of those who are dying
these children
and seniors

of course you won't want to hear their hearts
or souls in the words I paste together
but one day      when you fall in love
your own heart may be broken in some way

you may see the silks
and satins in the broken people I love
and you may wonder
why you were so blind before

a great soul is something to strive for
as is doing the work of love
we don't last for long
but in our words and music where we tell stories

in our acts of courage
we defy time and death
we are all human rights defenders I have been told 
when we speak      and so

when you see the children dying
when you see abuse and death in continuing care in AB
when you see the homeless on the streets
look inside your broken heart

and do what you can
to help others
touch the wounds that are bleeding all about you
and speak    oh yes speak as these heroes and heroines

The Book Of Love - Martin Kerr (Cover) Live at the Citadel Theatre 


Velvet Martin 💝 I was blessed to be a recipient a previous year.
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December 5, 2016
Edmonton, December 1, 2016 − The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights invites the media to join them for their 10th Annual Human Rights Awards and the launch of Ignite Change 2017: A Global Gathering for Human Rights on December 11th, 2016, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM at the ATB Financial Arts Barn (10330 84 Ave NW).
Held in commemoration of International Human Rights Day, these awards are meant to recognize those in our community who are actively promoting, fulfilling, protecting or educating on human rights, and making our communities a place where all belong, are included and able to participate. Chief Commissioner Marie-Claude of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Mdm. Marie-Claude Landry, Ad.E. will be the event’s guest and keynote speaker.
Every year awards are given out to recipients, who are local human rights champions who are building Edmonton as a human rights city. This year however we will be awarding our first winner from outside of Edmonton in our efforts to recognize Albertans making an impact. This is followed by the Gerald L. Gall Award for an individual who has made an outstanding contribution and has demonstrated excellence in the protection and promotion of human rights in Canada.
Renée Laporte, a Human Rights Champion recipient in 2015, explains what the award means to her,  “When you are an advocate, you face stigma and discrimination. You feel the hate marginalized communities face, and that drives you to work harder to see them have their rights upheld.” She was recognised for her work of over a decade as an educational assistant, inclusion innovator and pioneer in fostering high risk young women.
This year’s awards recipients are
Robert P. Lee
              Gerald L. Gall Award 2016
Paula Kirman
              Human Rights Champion 2016
Ruth Adria
              Human Rights Champion 2016
Kristina De Guzman
              Human Rights Champion 2016
Roy Pogorzelski
              Human Rights Champion 2016
The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights envisions a world that manifests a culture of peace and human rights in which the dignity of every person is respected, valued and celebrated.  We work to advance a culture of peace and human rights through educational programs and activities, community collaboration and relationship building guided by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
For additional information, contact:
Tisha Raj
Project and Communications Coordinator
John Humphrey Centre for Peace & Human Rights
Contact: 780.235.2961 or

Our amazing human rights champions! Congratulations!!!

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Music magic from Martin Kerr.

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