Wednesday, December 28, 2016

and I do not refrain

because I am learning language
I play with words
like herds of buffaloes
I wish for flowers to open from buds
I caress the line like a lover
and shape music
with the mind's third eye
I don't worry about meaning
but instead seek deep
for the key in the pocket
that went missing
because I am seeking the shape of a song
that I have just remembered
  I flip coins
and call out heads
when there are only tails

because I am learning language
I skip thought and simply provoke
whatever the net has caught
I decide on neural trees that understand
themselves in leaves and singing
that sort of motion music
that remembers the past
in the breathing of the wind
in the lungs of the branches
when I stop for a moment
the words slip through the small barrier
of the stilling of the mind
and I am conscious
of the slippery eel
of the poem wriggling out of the trap I've set

because I am learning language
I put up the door and hammer it down
I don't wait for the words to break down a wall
I want to make entrances
and lure the lines in
with the half open portal I have set
by design in the house of language
because I am willing to fail
I let the words become dendritic
and spread out on the page
I let the synapses sizzle
and burn
I let the words leap from one continent
to the body of water that surrounds them
it's no use making an island or two
because it's all a drowning business
that requires bodies

because I am learning language
I simply read and write
I don't bother to look for the lessons
set out by writers any more
I ignite the dead wood of myself
and with the fire begun
I seek for escape
these boundaries that have been designed
by other writers
are meant for erasure and remaking
I say the words that pleasure me
and I do not refrain
from taking a hatchet to the sentence
this is the way I figure metamorphosis happens
George Ezra - Budapest (Official Video)

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