Sunday, December 18, 2016


Sigh. I have requested more books from the library. It is very delicious to have an entire province's books at my disposal.
Older boy is at his second party tonight. Hubby had to drop him off. One of his buddies will drop him home. I don't quite know how we acquired this child who is simply very sociable.
He feels like a mislaid egg. In any case he is fully booked up for his vacation here. He is only with us when he has to eat.
Younger boy is on the computer. It is troubling but the boy is like me and simply socialises remotely.
I have eaten one entire fruitcake. I think mum got a couple of slices but I ate the rest. I was going to buy more fruitcake from the Italian Bakery today but older boy was with me and he is a spoilsport. He doesn't want to add to the Xmas sweets.
I have two frozen fruitcakes in the freezer. I took one out for tomorrow. Mum is coming for the mummy sitting time and I have to have some cake for her (this is my excuse). As my mother is here tomorrow I will buy some ground beef and some breadcrumbs and get her to show me how to make the meatball curry. I have to expand my repertoire of bottled pasta sauce and pasta.
Because my amaryllis bloomed I had to learn how to load the photographs onto my blog. Hubby took the pictures and used his cell phone to e-mail them to me. Then I downloaded them to the computer and learned how to upload them to the blog. I will try to upload here. It wasn't as hard as I thought but I still don't know how to use the cell phone to send the pictures to me. So I am still stuck.
The darling amaryllis is in my overstuffed writing room. No one will enter it as they consider it hoarder's paradise. You can just see the baby minivan front in the first picture. She is stuck outside unfortunately.
Meanwhile the other pictures show the table where I have stuck all the plants that I tried to save from frost bite and sure death. Most of them aren't happy but at least they are not dead.
Only the amaryllis is happy because she has her bulb to depend on.

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