Monday, December 12, 2016

Alison Azer November 14 at 2:13pm · I was so pleased to meet the Hon. Suzanne Anton, Minister of Justice for British Columbia today in Vancouver. #AzerKidsNeedMom

I was so pleased to meet the Hon. Suzanne Anton, Minister of Justice for British Columbia today in Vancouver. #AzerKidsNeedMom
Karen Hamdon Justice is what is needed! Hope this meeting will be fruitful dear Alison!
Debbie Kent I agree, justice  your children need to feel your loving arms. 🤗 Sending you hugs and prayers across the miles Alison. Also prayers for your children. Lastly prayers for their father that he may dig deep and put his children above himself and what he believes is right so they may at least connect with you and ease their little hearts. Stay strong and know we all keep you in our hearts 💕
Julie Ali
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Brenda Small Staying visible ... courage and strength dear lady. Justice WILL come.
Doreen Baillie Keeping my fingers crossed she can do something good!!!
Darlene Jones Hoping she can help!
Sofia Da Cunha Reis tell her the judge that allowed Saren to take the children, should not practice any more. He did not take enough precaution to protect the children. It is unacceptable.
Darlene Jones Exactly - he or she is accountable too.
Diana Schroeder She should also investigate the family lawyer and the nanny. If faced with criminal charges, the nanny might open up with information about Saren.
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Julie Ali
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Sarah Ruddle Big hug to you, my friend!
Cheryl Fox Thinking about you this today and praying that you have hope.
Karen Fisher #AzerKidsNeedMom 🎗🎗🎗🎗
Wendy Follows Keep up the good work Alison ! Hugs
Sherry Patterson Keeping it real! We all hope you get your kids back to Canada where they belong 
Melina Auerbach alison, your courage and perseverance are awe-inspiring...#AzerKidsNeedMom
Linda Smith Help please👏🏻👏🏻
Kamala Waterman Randhawa You are amazing , when your energy or hope falters remember you have an army behind you praying for you and your kiddos .
Barb Greene  #AzerKidsNeedMom 
Arlene Southam Good luck. Hoping meeting will really help achieve you getting your children back home.
Denise Wheeler So happy to hear any good news....woohoo.
Dawn Marie Borgen Your smile is testimony to strength,,,
Claire Goddard Love you Alison, you are always in my thoughts and prayers!
Miriam Beaton Gillis I hope she is willing to help!
Patsy Bradley Hogan Hon. Suzanne Anton, Please escalate whatever steps are necessary to bring the Azer children home to their Mother. #azerkidsneedmom
Bev Davies Naswell Hope she can help
Cathi Litzenberger Can she help you?
Rachel A Blaney Alison, every day I look at your amazing strength and dedication. Your children know that their mom loves them beyond measure.#BringAzerChildrenHome
Julie Ali Please help Alison bring her children back.
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Julie Ali
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