Saturday, December 17, 2016

Alberta Infrastructure : Save the Museum Building in Old Glenora by June Acorn · 5,480 supporters



June Acorn
DEC 18, 2016 — Let us try to get minister Brian Mason and the Premier to put some of that money into refurbishing the Royal Alberta Museum building in old Glenora.

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Julie Ali · 
I doubt the NDP folks are interested in anything we have to say. They have about a year of real work time left.
And then they will spend the last year of their term doing what they do best which is making promises they do not keep.
If they have so much cash from sources unknown to Albertans why don't they put some of this money to the retention of historical public buildings such as the RAM? Why don't they use the Michener Centre as a complex care placement centre for hard to place patients and continuing care residents?

I'll tell you why.
There is no payoff.
If there is no payoff in terms of positive advertisements then they don't do it.
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