Thursday, November 3, 2016

"How Interesting" and Dr. Brené Brown

The hardest part of my life is dealing with the diverse views of folks. I could be all alone and there would be no sort of problems. I could write poetry. Go for walks and simply be.

When you are dealing with people with different perspectives than your own it is hard to manage all these different ways of looking at the world.

The only way I have found to deal with it is to simply look at the differences and say "How interesting" and stop any sort of investigation into such odd viewpoints. As Dr. Brené Brown has said, "You are not a Jackass whisperer."

When problems come as they do my immediate reaction is to simply get annoyed. It's a way to deal with the immediate problem.

Now I get annoyed and put down the load and think of something positive like art or the music. It's best to always substitute one horror with a good thing.

When you continue to deal with an issue over and over again, you learn to control yourself. It's important to do this when you are dealing with folks in bureaucracy as any sort of disagreement by the folks in government is seen as adversarial. So odd.

What was this post about?It's about maintaining your calm no matter what happens. It's about being a good person even when other people behave dumbly or badly. It's about learning tools to shape your own reality that no other person can deform with their tools. It's about learning to mature and be respectful despite all the irrational and disrespectful things that are done by others. It's about outliving the horror.

When I sit here in my sun filled room I wish sometimes to seal myself away from the horror of the world. It's impossible to do this but I can see why folks like Emily Dickinson did retreat into a world of her own creations.  It's an antidote to the real world outside the door of the writing room.

People are weapons.  They can harm with words. They can harm with their acts. But if you have an inviolate core that you guard with your own courage and ethics --if you stand firm against all the junk that is thrown at you, no matter what happens, it will--I believe --work out. One day the people who harm you will no longer be around. One day the people who don't understand what you are doing, will no longer be in power. One day, when you yourself are gone, you will have left your words, written in a writing room on a sunny day --behind to say--that no matter what happens, you have done your best.  And yes, in response to the odd viewpoints of others--- you have said "How Interesting" and in your head you have repeated Dr. Brown's sanguine retort---"You are not a Jackass whisperer".

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