Tuesday, November 1, 2016

---Gotta admire politicians. They are capable of mutating faster than influenza virus.---------Gotta admire the NDP for turning into the PCs


What NDP MLAs said about the oil industry before and after being elected

Reality hit ideology very hard after the NDP assumed governance in Alberta. The band of (former) anti-industry politicians sure seemed to change their tune after being elected 1.5 years ago. The BOE Report team assembled some troubling tweets from NDP MLAs prior to their being elected. Their tone was severely anti oil and gas development.
Environment Minister Shannon Phillip’s had some particularly troubling statements about the oil business. Among her tweets include: comparing Enbridge’s pipeline safety record to Fubar, travelling to Kitimat to fight against the Northern Gateway pipeline (which her party now endorses), and commenting on how ‘big oil’ loves the PC party more than the liberals because of larger donations (NOTE: NDP received more oil and gas donations last quarter than the PC and Liberal Parties combined).
It was also remarkable to see that after searching, there are minimal pro-industry tweets until just before the provincial election.
After being elected, however, the NDP tone changed. Likely because of political wariness or perhaps being in government was the only way to open most MLAs eyes to the reality of just how crucial Alberta’s oil and gas industry to its success. Either way, have a look below at the stark contrast in viewpoints before and after the NDP took office.





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