Thursday, November 3, 2016

creating our own jobs

I am not optimistic about the economy in Alberta.  I would ensure that your family is as debt free as it can get because unemployment will be as part of our future as the flu.

This sort of economy has been experienced before and we have got through it but usually with a lot of pain.

Add to job insecurity the high debt levels and this isn't a good thing in my mind.
Employers are cutting hours and positions.
Only the public sector is indifferent.

I feel that the next time around we need to hire folks who will trim the public sector and do a complete reorganization of the ABCs (agencies, boards and commissions). I expected the NDP folks to do this but the NDP folks lack the political will to do anything. Nope -it will be spend, spend, spend all the way to the debt zenith.

Some spending is essential but the spending that is in place is ridiculous. Families are going to be stuck with the failure of government to live within its means. Our kids will pay for the debt being accumulated today.

The best way to deal with government irrational behaviour is simply ignore it. I have learned after five years with dealing with bureaucrats that the best situation is not to deal with government in any shape or form whatsoever. The entire set up is designed for no transparency, no accountability and it is a waste of time attempting change with this group.

Best thing for families to do is to simply take care of their own. Independence all the way.

How do we go about doing this? Jobs are becoming problematic. Even investments aren't working. We have to do the work of keeping our families going and one way is simply to get the kids working as fast as possible.  A stint at NAIT is the best way to do this.

Although NAIT isn't as useful as university, it is a lot faster and you get to be independent at an earlier age.  Eventually if the kids want to do more they can go back to do university. But starting off at NAIT is best.

Getting the kids independent is the best way to do the work.  Then you need to work on  yourself. If you have stayed home for the long time that I have getting a job is difficult. Also if you yap on social media and on blogs, it's difficult to do the working for others business. This is why you need to start your own business.

But what sort of business can  you start? No idea. I have to think of this problem and work on it. Beginning a business early in life is best so that you can fail and start again. But starting a business is the way we should all do the work of life. It's important.

I am trying to get both my sons into the independent business mind set. Once they have attempted a few ventures, they will be set. Even if the economy tanks and they lose a job working for someone else they can make their own job.  Making your own job in the unstable times ahead is the only way that families will be able to successfully manage the money. Government is not capable of managing public monies in my opinion.  We have to be capable of managing private monies.  And we can manage our private monies by creating our own jobs.

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