Sunday, October 23, 2016


The sun is streaming through the curtains of the fir tree outside my writing room. I am working on the laundry but I have taken a break just now.  The fir tree outside is simply a blaze with the light and her natural tinsel. The cones are a motley crew of brown spots on the gown of gold.

The delicious weather makes me feel it is necessary to go for a walk.  I also notice that I am getting rather pot-like and so it makes sense.

I have collected laundry for a week and it is now being sorted on the living room sofas which have become tables for the clothes.  It is odd but even with older boy off on his apprenticeship, despite the fact that there is one less, laundry expands to fill the time of my life.  In other words, there is a ton of laundry.

I don't know how this is possible since I have decanted a whole pile of clothes. I will go through the clothes today to donate more stuff to Goodwill. Decluttering is my life right now.

I have a pile of books around me in writing room like babies with their hands up waiting to be cuddled but I have to focus. Laundry has to be done first. Then the amaryllis bulb that is waiting for potting. Then the walk.  I haven't got enough soil since the bulb is to be put in the long candle glass container so this means  a trip to get potting soil.

The fir tree outside my writing room has no stuff except her future children in her cones. She sways with the breeze and accepts the blows of the seasons. Without a doubt she is ready for the future and what comes.  It maybe that a dumb driver will drive into her and that is her life--kaput. But for now she is in the sun swaying in a dance of her life and all is good. I want to be at her place.  Zen. She looks like this:

Tamarack - one of the few conifer trees that shange color and drops it's needles in the fall.

Tamarack - one of the few conifer trees that shange color and drops it's needles in the fall.:

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