Sunday, October 9, 2016

you must understand

you must understand
that we are alone
in our difficulties
the world keeps going
and no one will come to help you
so you must help yourself
you must say the words
that will alter what exists
everyone is too busy
making money in Alberta
and patching up the holes in reality

you must understand
this is just the way it is
until it happens to someone
in your family
there won't be any cause to speak
in fact speaking might get you retribution
for the system is set up for cover your ass business
as usual     the most vulnerable citizens are disposable citizens
and we mustn't rock the boat
unless we are in the opposition parties in Alberta
for once you become government  it is all about staying in power and nothing else

you must understand
that every family that encounters problems
and asks for more than the single bowl of help
will get retribution
it's an Oliver Twist situation
in a Charles Dickens novel of abuse and fatalities
but who will say this news?
until it happens to one of your own
you won't want to hear the stories of abuse and retribution
why would you?  it is uncomfortable speaking about system wide failures
that repeat because the "learnings" aren't learnt but hidden

you must understand
that no one cares and the puppets move to the strings of the politicians
we have good people who mime the stories of change
but where is the evidence of the change that is broadcast to us?
where are the cost benefit analysis work?  who has done the due diligence
to provide the oversight required?  where are the leaders?
are they hiding behind the bureaucrats/?
and if this is the case
why bother to have elections?
what is the point of the farce of democracy?
in the end nothing changes and the only important matter
is the political party and it's survival     we see the way it is and we stand against this

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