Thursday, October 6, 2016

working on the writing room

I took both the parents out to do grocery shopping but I wasn't very lively. I have been doing the writing room organization since then. The room is painted. The single table is there as is the side table. The writing table  is cut down to size and painted but it is still drying.

All the boxes I could box up of stuff is in the basement. I have got to go through the books in the bonus room but this is  a long term job so I am not going to go too fast.

In the end the bonus room will be younger boy's art room. He has his art in his bedroom but also can do other work in the bonus room.

It's a big job getting rid of junk. I have to do the second run through the clothes to donate to Goodwill.
Soon I will have the stuff in the garage that I have bought for the writing room in there and the pictures will be up on the walls.

The basement is a big mess but it will have to get done later. I can't be decluttering everywhere.

Now that the writing room is mine, I have space in my bedroom and I am going to keep it Zen.

The garden has not been touched and it needs a few plants put into the garden bed at the back but hopefully I will be able to do this on the weekend.

I will leave all the investigations until next week as I am up to my eyeballs in books and paintings.

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