Sunday, October 16, 2016

with curiosity

and do the work
in small steps
like a baby learning to walk
take these steps slowly and cautiously

and do the work
with curiosity
for this is the way to the end
let your mind lead to where the heart wants to go

and do the work
as if you knew how to do it
as if inside you a great city hums
full of workers who know what is being made

and do the work
working with relentless will
there are many of us but we know nothing
of each other's struggle   the losses are everywhere

and do the work
as if we were all cells in one body
each cell works for the entire
each cell survives to be replaced

and do the work
for this is the work
of all of us   do the work
for the world needs each of us   working with relentless will
Andrea Kowch added a new photo to the album:Paintings.
30" x 24"
acrylic on canvas

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