Wednesday, October 12, 2016

winter boots

It was a busy day with the shopping to do. I got to their house late and they were not ready so I had a nap on the sofa. We went to the Bay and then to Sears. The boots seem a little too big for dad so we will go to the other shoe place to see if we can get a better fit. We will return the boots from Sears if better fitting winter boots can be found.
I was tuckered out after the shopping which took most of five hours at Southgate Mall. It takes time for the parents to walk to back and forth; dad also had to wait at London Drugs for his prescription.
Now I am just going to have a piece of buttered toast and do some reading.
Tomorrow is another busy day with appointments all day.

When you have family members who need help its very difficult to do work on the investigations.
Today nothing got done.
I had a nap and that was it.

Even the winter boots may not be the right ones.
But there you go.
You gotta just do the best you can.

Mum didn't get any boots. But she did some walking which is what I wanted her to do. These day trips will help both of them to do some walking. A day program would be more interesting but mum doesn't want to do the day program so she will do the walking with us when we go out and about. I will call my day program "Julie's day program" and try to do it at least once a week if not more. Its best not to sit in a house all day or you will be squirrelly and now that they are both getting out it will be good for their bodies.

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