Saturday, October 29, 2016

why deny yourself joy?

and don't wait
to say the words
the words are easy to say
speak them and let them go

and don't wait
to love    for this is the way
you change yourself
you cannot change anyone else

and don't wait
to live your life
this life is a gift that you carry
until it must be given away

and don't wait
for death     like a prisoner
pacing a cell    instead be like the blue jay
in the forest   raucously alive    be so alive

and don't wait
to be perfect    so that you write
or draw   or paint as an artist would
there are so many of us    and so few true artists    why deny yourself joy? 

and don't wait
to be passionate about the world
for the land is all that remains
when we are gone   the grasses weave our shrouds
Scattered and Small

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