Monday, October 10, 2016

wherever you go / there I am

and wherever you are
let there be music
so that you are never alone
let there be people
who will welcome you
let there be dancing in you
so that when you are in the wilderness
you will never be sad
for you are accompanied
by the singing

and wherever you are
let there be a poem
to hold in your mind
like a talisman
to protect you from evil
let the poem
hold you tight
so that the embrace comforts you
wherever you are let this poem remind you
of a mother's love
so that you keep going

and wherever you are
understand that I have given you courage
as a backbone
and words as a shield
I have taught you from the beginning
these acts of compassion and kindness
that will take you home
no matter where you go
I go with you
in my teachings I have guided you

and wherever you are
don't wonder if I love you
there is always a room waiting for you
and the house where you were with me
to welcome you back
I let you go but in the end
there is an invisible string
of love that ties you to me
wherever you go
there I am    and you are never alone

Scattered and Small

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