Monday, October 10, 2016

we're saying that we will go public /with the stories of premature termination and what will y'all do then?

we say our stories
on social media

we work for years
without success and payment

we do the work of good citizens
and we simply don't wait for government

we tell of premature termination decisions
by the doctors at the Grey Nuns Hospital

while the other doctors assist
in the nonsense    we are supposed to suck this up

but no more
the disability community is speaking and we are clear

we're saying that we're not second class citizens
and government better listen up      because we are changing the system

with or without the consent of the governments who are lagging behind us
we won't accept premature termination that is in their best interests

when its all about saving the system money
we understand that the government can't do complex care

so they think they're better off dead
but this is rather inexact      the government has to do the work

of helping them    because we are no longer single families to be bullied
we're joining up to make national organizations to say the words of all of us

we're saying they're not dead yet
and there needs to be appropriate services and supports for our families

we're saying that we will go public
with the stories of premature termination and what will y'all do then?

we're speaking for years about the discrimination
our family members face from the system

we're saying that just because they have a disability
doesn't mean that the system gets to refuse care to them

we're saying the stories of repeated failures
in the health care and continuing care systems  and really everywhere else

for the junk isn't limited to these areas
we have a failure in courtesy  that is not to be tolerated by citizens

I tell you all to make your own blogs
and tell your stories

this is the way to end this junk
expose the failures and ask government for changes to the system
The Disability Community Responds to Me Before You movie

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