Wednesday, October 12, 2016

we lay out the documents / in this history of shame

we lay out the documents
in this history of shame

we say the stories
of those who were silenced

and left behind maimed
we understand the way the system works

the public is dismayed
but the documents say the names of those who failed

we stand at the side of the big highway
watching as the speeches are made    these big cavalcades of change coming

but we understand
it's just a game that they play 

we see the faces change each election    and the history of the new
becomes the history of the same

but no problem
we collect our children and do what we must do

which is take care of our families so they are not shamed
meanwhile the leaders mumble about the necessities of their agendas

which we don't follow because
these aren't the agendas we can claim

in the cities we watch the prophets speak
from the pulpits of the legislature

as if they were born to lead the weary citizens
on yet another flight of fancy that we can't believe

because we've heard this junk before
these are the prophets of the politicians 

we wonder at the temerity
of these ordinary citizens in their new garb and titles

preach to us
about restraint and waste

but of course
who are we to say?

these are puppets       and we watch their mouths open and close
and their spin like smoke emanate from the rooms of politics

the documents will stay long after they have gone
and our children will be taught the family rules      never again

to believe good people
who go into politics

they are simply tools
that we are to use

as they use us
it's all a game

Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker (Audio)

Richard Stanley Cardinal.

Fatality report

Richard Cardinal: Cry from a Diary of a Métis Child

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