Thursday, October 20, 2016


My writing room is warm as a fever right now. I have put the heater up high even though it is a nice temperature in the house.  My African violets like it warm in the room. Every wall is covered in pictures or mirrors. I like to put different shapes of mirrors up on the wall to create a feeling of space even though there is no space in my room where I am still going through paper. The bonus room is also full of paper as I am not done with the last five years of paper.

Only one wall is empty of any frame and that is where I will write down important sayings to keep going.

I don't feel like doing any investigations this week as I want to look through art work. I am sure that eventually I will get back to work.

The more I do my writing room the cuter it becomes.  This blog shows some of the ideas that I am fond of--old things, falling apart in cute colours:

Such a great idea to put up a garland up on the high place near a window. I will get hubby to make a hanger for me.

Sigh. I can't wait to put all my junk together in such adorable ways.

Go to the blog to have a look at the junk that is so adorable.

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