Sunday, October 30, 2016

This and That--Sunday October 29, 2016

In my untidy art and writing room there are two tables filled with junk. I can't seem to keep free space in the room.

I have been banished with all my junk to this room. The desks are full and so is everywhere else. I have clutter on the floor like mushrooms sprouting in a damp forest. When I have time I tell myself I will leave the reading of books which I have got from the TAL Online place and return to the ordering and decluttering that is now my life. Five years of trying to keep everyone alive had resulted in boxes of paper that I have to go through. I have bills that need paying. It's a lot of catch up.

But the desks. Hovering over the desks are ideas. I mean right now everyone thinks that the paintings, pots and images are junk but in reality they are seeds that I will plant in writing.  None of this writing will be significant but will please me and keep me awake.

The day has been supplanted by the night.  I was able to go out for a minute bit and then I came home. Nothing useful was done but I did read one of the Dorothea Tanning books --"Birthday".  I have two more Dorothea Tanning books to go through.

 I have not finished the bonus room tidying up but I did manage to put the blankets (extra  ones) in the wooden toy box that I emptied simply by donating what was in it to Goodwill.

My young niece came with her dad and I gave them more donations.  I gave away the younger boy's Pokemon cards to my nephew (age 7 years old) who loves them. I gave the science books to his sister. And also the Halloween costumes. Donating stuff to family and Goodwill makes sure that the house isn't full of things that are static; circulating stuff makes for happiness.

But of course the writing room is full of stuff. Let me look at the stuff. There are pictures on the walls on every spare wall. I have mirrors. There is my Christmas branch with stars in a pot. There is a basket of books.   I have photographs of the boys. I have articles I have clipped out. I have books on the floor. I have my TAL Online books on my lap and at my feet and on a small special side table.  I am mortally afraid of losing the books and so compulsively check on them at all times.  It's difficult to do this when you are in a wigwam of books.

Meanwhile the bills and other stuff that has to be done like my investigations sit sadly like donkeys waiting to be fed on the side in buckets. It's too bad but I have to read my TAL Online books as they can't be renewed.  I also have to get them done before I head out to Vancouver with dad. I will have to return the books early.

There isn't enough time to do the things you really love.

 Tomorrow I will go to Rebecca as I want to buy her boots for the winter.  I will take her to Kunitz which is near my home. Soon the snow will start up again and all she has are the shoes I got her this summer.

The nice nurse at the Villa place found her spectacles but they were damaged and I took them to the Mayfield Eye Centre where the nice lady there fixed them.  I post a review of the place here:

Julie A.
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4.0 star rating
Dr. Collins checked my older son's eyes and my handicapped sister as well. I think she is an excellent optometrist.

It is a busy clinic sometimes but the staff are helpful. I just took my handicapped sister's glasses for a small repair this weekend and it got fixed promptly.

We used to see Dr. Poohkay for ages before he retired and I have been looking for a good replacement. Dr. Collins will be this replacement.

If you look at her qualifications she is well trained and she is very professional whenever I have met with her. She's also nice.
Dr. Kim Collins
Dr. Collins received her Doctor of Optometry degree in 2006 from the University of Waterloo (Dean's Honours List). At that time, she was also honoured with The Award for Excellence in Patient Management for her exceptional patient care. Dr. Collins has a special interest in children's vision, having done much research on the subject at the School of Optometry. She is also interested in ocular pathology, dry eye and glaucoma therapy and was privileged to study with Dr. Robert Wooldridge, director of the Eye Foundation of Utah. In her spare time, Dr. Collins loves spending time with her husband and young son. She also enjoys gardening, hiking, painting, music and volunteering for eye care missions to the Third World.

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