Saturday, October 22, 2016

This and That - Saturday October 22, 2016

Sleep study is done. It was a long process and I am very sleepy.

Outside the sun is reaping a harvest of light. The crops  mount steadily on the sky plains.
 A lone crow has made an appearance.
The streets are empty.
My writing room is full to the brim and I have to get going with the paper pruning.
The light in the room has one febrile result -the African violets are writhing with purple blooms. There is platter on both violets. I think I will bring up the third violet here so she can enjoy humid and overheated environs. Downstairs it is quite a bit cooler.

Since I didn't sleep well today will probably a puttering day. When I putter, I usually shift through all the junk that has to be donated in the basement. I have already gone down and it is a big mess.

I will deal with the breakfast first.  Porridge. Then the laundry. Then the decluttering.

When you bring in, you have to donate out.

I have only one book case to go through now. Then reorganization of the bonus room. This should be the last part of the work for the upper floor and main floor of the house other than going through coats and shoes.

The basement is the final area to attack.
It's a big area so this will probably take me a while to peruse.
Let me look at the YouTube video of some real warriors to get going with my minor jobs.

SickKids VS: Undeniable
I will go have a cup of tea and then focus.

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