Tuesday, October 25, 2016

the future

Interestingly enough in this post very little was said about the abysmal showing of the NDP candidate.
It's a litmus test in my mind that the NDP candidate did so badly. This might be a federal election but the fact is that this has a warning in it for the provincial NDP folks. This is the future.


Well, it’s obviously going to take more than a dose of Trudeaumania 2.0 to get the good burghers of Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner to vote for someone who’s not a Conservative.
federal-byelection-trudeau-20161013Just to put an end to the suspense, all the polls hadn’t yet reported as this story was put to bed, but it was pretty obvious the Conservative Party candidate has rolled to victory that can only be described as comfortable in yesterday’s by-election in the geographically large rural-urban riding in Alberta’s deep south.
Last time I looked at Elections Canada’s by-election website, anyway, Conservative Glen Motz (Glen who? — Ed.) was leading with something like 70 per cent of the vote, so I think we can pretty safely declare the retired policeman the winner and forget about hearing anything interesting from Medicine Hat for another 48 years or so.
As for the Liberal candidate in whom the chattering classes had invested so much, well, chatter … businessman Stan Sakamoto … he was trailing with about a quarter of the vote.

No doubt the NDP folks will reassure themselves that they had no chance of winning in this particular election.  But they should look at the results of this election as I am looking at it. It's the future. And only three more years to go before we are voting out the NDP folks who do not represent us.

It's too bad. The NDP folks had plenty of time in the opposition to learn the tricks of the trade  of democracy. Instead they farted around and treated their constituents with weird indifference. I mean we are the ones who HIRE THEM. They don't hire us. We HIRE THEM. And yet the MLAs have remained as sterile in their packages as the first day we bought them at the election store.

In any case, here is the future for the NDP folks in government right now. Based on these results they will be lucky to form the opposition party in Alberta.  Maybe the Liberal Party of Alberta will take the opposition place.

Preliminary Results

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Voting Results for the electoral district ofMedicine Hat—Cardston—Warner
PartyCandidateVotesPercentof VotesBar graph of percentage of votes
RhinocerosKayne Cooper2110.6 %
LibertarianSheldon W Johnston2840.8 %
ConservativeGlen Motz23,93269.9 %
LiberalStan Sakamoto8,77825.6 %
Christian Heritage PartyRod Taylor7022.0 %
NDP-New Democratic PartyBeverly Ann Waege3531.0 %
Total number of valid votes: 34,260  
Polls Reporting: 223 of 223 (100 %)
Voter Turnout: 34,260 of 76,911 registered electors (44.54 %) -- does not include electors who registered on election day.
Population: 102,847
Number of electors on list: 76,911

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