Thursday, October 20, 2016

sunny days are here again

Sunny days are here again. And not just because of the Trudeau guy.
What I love about a sunny day:
1) Doing housework seems enlightened work because sun is everywhere in the house showing me the dustballs
2) I cook a half chicken roast and it feels divine to have it being slowly eaten by the family; the broth waits for soup or gravy; such riches. I could do this work on a shadowy day but a sunny day makes a roast chicken seem rather festive.
3) I can do the bathrooms and feel virtuous. The sunshine makes everything look so sublimely clean.
4) I can feel sleepy as I am now and yet not nap as the sunlight is my excuse to enjoy it while I can.
5) Walks are more princely and princessy.
6) Today's walk was very rich; I saw a handful of ash berries being extended to me from between the slats of a fence like the offerings to the poor. Then two small yappy dogs barked all along their fence in some sort of David vs Goliath act that made me smile; I mean they were the size of cupcakes.
7) The sun is burnishing the fir right in front of me. Since my writing room is packed the window is the only free area through which I can see Zen situations.  One day all the paper in this room will be disposed of into books but for right now I am surrounded.
8) Next to me the baskets and baskets of books makes me feel even richer than the luxury of enjoying this summer day in the winter.
9) The sunny day makes me feel like going out to the Riverbend library to pick up my book. I can't read it but I can look at the photographs of the paintings.
Hold Pickup Reminder - ONLY THREE DAYS LEFT


We noticed you have not picked up your hold. Time is running out.

Please pick up the item(s) listed below by the pickup date provided.

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  1   Cinco llaves del mundo secreto de Remedios Varo / Alberto Ruy Sánchez
      [y 7 otros] ; edición, Margarita de Orellana ; coordinación editorial,
      Gabriela Olmos].
      Varo, Remedios, 1908-1963.
      call number:Spanish 759.972 CIN                         copy:1    
        Pickup by:10/23/2016
      hold pickup library:Riverbend Branch  
10) The sunny day makes me feel that a nap on a sun warmed bed is the best gift of this life. Let me go nap. 

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