Sunday, October 16, 2016


After removing junk from the parents' garage we came home. Mum doesn't want to go out today so we will try again tomorrow. At least I went out for the walk. It's nice out. The snow is still sitting placidly like herds of cows everywhere but there is a feeling that the snow will go.

I have a hot cup of tea beside me and I am thinking about decluttering.

I go do a bit of decluttering and then I take a break.  The stuff in the house is mostly paper so it's not hard to get rid of.

I have two more book cases and I am done with the books. Then there is only the boxes of bills and other paper to go through.

When I am done my decluttering I will consider how to help the parents dump their stuff. Most families wait until the parents are gone before getting  a dumpster and putting all the detritus of eighty plus years there but I see no reason why we can't start the process pre-death.

It's troubling that the more we live the more we collect but there you go.

Eventually I will be where older boy is with one spoon, one knife and one fork. He has a bare minimum of junk

The trick is to not buy the junk in the first place.  I have a writing room full of garage sale stuff that I love but I can't add to it. The fact is I have all the stuff I need just in this room.

The rest of the stuff will be eventually be removed and be recycled. Other folks can use the books.

The prettiness of stuff is so enticing that we get suckered into believing this stuff will make the nest even more comfy than it is.  The reality is that it gets to be a pain in terms of maintenance. You just come to a point where it's all a loss of energy. So the less stuff --the less energy you waste on the stuff.

I don't mind doing this decluttering over months. It took me five years of not doing this decluttering to get here so I am simply glad I am getting on with the work of giving away stuff. It's all good.
Goodwill will make some money. I have a Zen home.

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