Sunday, October 9, 2016

snow and sleep

There was a trout of blue in the gray sky today and so it maybe that the snow will be vanquished. But for now we have snow to shovel. We were supposed to do it all today but we only got through my parents' snow cleaning. Too tired.
Thanksgiving was good with too much food eaten.We took some treats to Rebecca.  She looks good with her new haircut. Mum stayed in the car so Rebecca had to come to the parking lot to see her.

Then the laundry. It is still washing.  
I did some reading and then napped.
I am not watching Trump and Clinton doing their dumb acting on TV.
Why even think about these folks?
Meanwhile at home we have a group of folks who have no idea of how to run a province in charge of our public dollars.
A real mess.

But this is what happens when you get fed up of the PCs and their arrogance and hire the new PCs and have to suffer their arrogance for three more years.

Only three more years of this junk management to go.

Meanwhile snow drapes the world. Food fills the house.  I am still decluttering and doing laundry.

If you decide to change the world, start with a few words, and then expand to fill the universe.

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