Saturday, October 22, 2016

setting up the cactus farm

I got a small aquarium for the cacti. It is very small but it will have to do. I have black stones at the bottom. I am curious now how the cacti will do in this place. I tried an experiment with one of the African violets. It has been put in a green house type situation. I emptied out a file container made out of plastic with a lid. It is clear so light can get in. The file container is all fogged up. I will see if this encourages more blooming or if the enclosed spaces makes the violet all wilted and fungusy.

Since my brain was mush all day due to sleep interruptions I decided to go to Chinatown and do my shopping for supper. I got farm fresh eggs and some shrimp. I got the shrimp stir fried with the veggies I got at the same time (green beans, bok choy and carrots). I got the ginger and shallots which were fresh and good. It turned out OK. The chilli paste we bought there was good and we dipped our food into this paste.

Now that supper is over and the clothes are in the washing machine I can't do anything right now as the brain is still fried. I have some library books to read and I could do the paper decluttering but nope. I will go look at cute projects for the indoor garden on Pinterest.

My old aquarium is not cute like this one but it doesn't matter. It will do the job. And I just have to buy cacti for the farm.

the new bohemians by justina blakeney

Kari Baker

Trying to figure out what to do with an old aquarium


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