Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Saying goodbye to Dr. Levinsky.

The grey day is persisting outside. Pressing down on the land with a chloroform rag of clouds is the suffocating lack of sunlight. The streets are empty of their beads of snow. I am going to go out to mum soon to try her to get her out of the house.  If she is too tuckered out I will simply get her to sit in my house and put the gas fire place on. In this way she at least gets out of the house.

This afternoon I go to Dr. Levinsky at the Grey Nuns Child and Adolescent Health place. Younger boy has his last trip here. It's sad. I have made a basket of goodies for Dr. Levinsky who is a sweetie. We will miss him.

Dr. Levinsky:


Dr. Michael Levinsky

Department of Psychiatry

About Me

Dr. Michael Levinsky is currently appointed in the Department of Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.


Mykhaylo (Michael) Levinsky

Associate Clinical Professor


Child Health Clinic

Other Names

Child Health Clinic Grey Nuns


Offers a child-friendly environment to treat children in consultation with family doctors, including:
  • asthma education
  • breastfeeding clinic
  • general clinics

Grey Nuns Community Hospital


1100 Youville Drive NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6L 5X8



I found out about this place from the psychologist who helped us discover the ADHD and auditory processing disorder problems of younger boy. Dr. Baxter saw younger boy and then referred him for testing with Dr. Erik Wikman who gave the final diagnosis.


Can a Brain Be Trained?

Unraveling the enigmas of the brain is one of
the most challenging and encouraging frontiers of
medicine. A Neurofeedback Research Project at
the Misericordia Community Hospital is aimed at
untangling some of these mysteries a study that
has the potential to change the approach to
treatment of Children with Attention Deficit
Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

ADHD is a disorder of attention, impulsivity
and motor restlessness that affects up to 10% of our
nation's children. Given the often devastating
impact of the disorder on a child's home and school
life, and considerable current debate on optimal
treatments, Dr. Lola Baydala, Pediatrician and
Medical Director of the Misericordia Child Health
Clinic has decided to seek some answers in
collaboration with Misericordia Psychologist Dr.
Erik Wikman, Researcher Dr. Liana Urichuk and
Psychiatrist Dr. Gary Hnatko of the University of
Alberta, Pediatritian Dr. Sunita Vohra of the
University of Alberta Hospital and Dr. Howard
Schachter of the University of Ottawa.

Currently Ritalin is the treatment of choice
for ADHD. There are only a few other
conventional treatments for ADHD, but over the
past fifty years a number of alternative, more
natural and less invasive treatments have been
developed. One of these alternative treatments is
called 'neurofeedback.' While this treatment for
ADHD is widely considered promising, solid,
scientific research establishing its effectiveness is
lacking. The new study formally entitled
“Feasibility study for a controlled, randomized trial
comparing Ritalin and neurofeedback therapy in
the management of Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder” will attempt to fill this
gap, and to answer questions that will support
further research in this area and treatment options
for children with ADHD.
Neurofeedback looks a bit like something
from a science fiction movie, but it is painless and
non-invasive. Three small electrodes are attached
to patients' unshaved heads. Through these
electrodes, a devise measures electrical impulses in
the brain, amplifies and displays them on the
therapist's computer screen. The electrodes

separately track what are known as high-frequency
beta brainwaves and low-frequency theta waves,
specific brainwaves that display differently in
ADHD children than in normal children. Using a
program which looks like a traditional computer
game, but without a joystick, the child learns to
control the video game display with their brain by
achieving a mental state that normalizes their
brainwave patterns.
Researcher Dr. Wikman stresses that the
questions about neurofeedback therapy can only be
truly answered through controlled and
standardized studies such as this one. For instance,
each of the sixty research subjects will be screened,
tested, and provided equal behavioural support and
education that help to manage the symptoms of
ADHD. However, half of the group will receive
actual neurofeedback and the other half will
receive 'simulated' neurofeedback a placebo
program that looks like real neurofeedback but is
not. Neither the research technician nor the
subject will be aware of which group they are
participating in, making it a 'double-blind' research
Can the brain learn independent of conscious
thought? Can brainwaves be 'exercised' in ways
that lead to normalized behaviour for ADHD
children? The results of this ground-breaking study
will help to answer these questions, and determine
whether neurofeedback therapy merits a closer
look from researchers, clinicians and parents
regarding the treatment of children with Attention
Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

You can't just get a referral to Dr. Levinsky. You have all these hoops to go through. He is also overutilized and travels here and there. It's a bit too much work for one person and I hope he will take care of himself.

We appreciated Dr. Levinsky a lot. He's a kind man and has empathy. This is rare in medicine.

All the best to Dr. Levinsky in his future. I tried to nominate him for an award but the bigwigs won't give him one.

Without the help of Dr. Cecilia Baxter I would not have found Dr. Erik Wikman. Without Dr. Wikman I could not have known about Dr. Levinsky. And without Dr. Scott Lappa we would have no one right now to help with younger boy as he transitions into adulthood. It's a web. And I am thankful for it.

Dr. Baxter 

Cecilia Baxter, M.D., Edmonton Adoption Clinic, Royal Alexandra Hospital, 10240 Kingsway Ave., Edmonton AB T5H 3V9, edadoptionclinic@cha.ab.ca, www.capitalhealth.ca/ProgramsAndServices/BrowseServicesByAlpha/Content.htm?IA_ID=7274&NavType=Alpha&PageTitle=Edmonton%20Adoption%20Clinic&L=E. Preadoption 780-735-4604. Post adoption 780-735-4605. Founded 2002. Medical and psychosocial support from a team of professionals headed by Dr. Cecilia Baxter, dedicated to consulting and supporting adoptive families, both pre- and post-adoption. Pre-adoption counselling for parents adopting children internationally and special needs domestically. Medical assessment upon placement in the home. --July 31, 2006

Commentary by Perdita Baier, President, International Adoption Families Assn., Calgary: 
The Adoption Clinic headed up by Dr. Baxter has a multidisciplinary team approach. The team is made up of a Pediatrician, Nurse, Social Worker, Physiotherapist and referrals to medical, nutritional and psychosocial professionals. It is the first of its kind operating in Western Canada. Dr. Baxter is available for consultation on medical information received upon referral. Once the child has arrived home and has an ACHIP number, services are covered under AHCIP. When the family returns from abroad, the clinic will complete a full medical and developmental assessment on the child within two weeks of arrival. Follow-up visits to review medical and developmental issues will occur 2-3 months after the first visit. Six months after the first visit the child is once again fully assessed. Having the adoption clinic available to our families is a wonderful advantage, as Dr. Baxter has developed an excellent reputation in understanding international adoption issues from different regions of the world. I strongly encourage Edmonton-area families who are considering adoption and who have adopted to use this very valuable service.

Susan Kuhn, M.D., Infectious Disease Clinic, Alberta Children's Hospital, 1820 Richmond Rd. SW, Calgary AB T2T 5C7, 403-955-2200. International adoptee health; referrals to pediatricians for pre and post international adoption evaluations.

Dr. Lappa:


Dr. Scot Lappa, Edmonton , Alberta


Doctor Scot Lappa

T5A 5E4 

Phone: (780) 342-4033

Facility Address

14007 50 Street

Edmonton, Alberta

T5A 5E4

Facility Telephone

780-342-4000 (Switchboard)

Dr. Wikman:

   -   Registered Psychologist (AB #2560)
Specializing in:
    • Children, Adolescents, and Adults
    • Psychological Therapy and Assessment
    • Individual, Couple, Family, and Play Therapy
    • Psychological Assessment - Educational, Vocational, and Personality

Day, Evening, and Weekend Appointments Available
Fees may be covered by Insurance and / or Employee Assistance Plan

780-916-0362  -  24 Hour Confidential Voice Ma

It takes a village of doctors to make a child with handicaps grow to adulthood.
This is part of my village.

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