Friday, October 28, 2016


Since most of today was busy with appointments I only came to the writing room in the evening after eating two boiled eggs delicious and hot. It's a pleasure to come to the hot little writing room and read poetry. I am going between Don Domanski and my book on Dorothea Tanning. My head is full of words.

I spent a bit of time reading the report on long term care beds which is basically an indictment of the NDP who are the new PCs. But it is no use talking about the politicians. We just need to change them.
The report is here and is another step in the ladder to bureaucratic messes:
By David Campanella

I will look at the report later in terms of broken promises.

The greatest aspect of the writing room is that I am by myself writing away without interruption. Folks who know I haven't had a good night's sleep leave me alone in my writing den like a bear with a toothache.

Although my mind is mush right now I can still read the books I got from TAL online.  More books are piling up at the Riverbend Library so I need to read. I'd better go read now.

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