Saturday, October 15, 2016

preach your world alive

took the burs
of the words
out of my flesh
and put them in the iridescence
of the mind     that pale canvas
where the words would lie

set the words up
like armies
to fight it out
told them    this is war   be brave 
but they stumbled and fell
on their own swords

ran in the forest seeking
the way out of the fumbling groping
to meaning    could not discover
any map or route worth the effort
and so I stayed silent    the heron preached perseverance
and the lesson of all things dying

in  each attempt
failure surfaces like a hook
that is pulled out    from a line
in the underworld   that hook taken into your mouth
bleeds out what is hidden    traps the body of the poem
gut the flesh of that capture   and realize

all the work is for nothing
we all go in a line lonely to the last door
no matter how the end comes
the final moments are so sudden
you sometimes don't realize
the last moment that is

and so while you have insight still
preach your world alive
see everything as if it were iridescent
as if the soul inside were laid out before you
gutted like this poem      with the hook still in my mouth

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