Thursday, October 6, 2016

one day I found a poem in my mouth

its best to read a poem slowly
hold hands with it
walk with it
all through the night
arrive in the morning
sleepy in bed
with its meaning
then take it up like a child
to rock it back to sleep

a poem accompanies
and leaves you
makes a route
that you can follow in the mud
like leaves clumped in clotted masses
a hair ball of weeds coughed up on the path
or a clematis net that blues through the shadows
sometimes in the  morning
it shines through the fog   or mist      like eyes

if  you wish for poems
they come like thistle down to bead in blades of grass
or like the small heads of sunflowers in the flush darkness
stars in the cacophony of growth in the front garden bed
you can find one straggling behind the crowd of dancing lilies
like a fallen branch of a rose cane    spiky with needles 
that grasped in your hands sting you to life
one day I found a poem in my mouth
and I sucked on it     the sweetness filled me so that I was able to go on

many days I am eclipsed by the noise 
of pointless conversations
damped by the rain of dull ideas
hardened to clay pots by the unremitting heat
of a blackening mind
but sometimes   in the piercing still early hour
when no one is about
a poem comes like a wild animal
nosing around my feet       nudging at my mind
asking for forgiveness for his absence       teaching me the way out of silence
a fish tail in a bowl of soupy water       a flick of motion before vanishing

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